Dentistry Treatments For Correcting a Gummy Smile

A gummy smile is a term used when a person’s smile shows an excessive display of gum tissue or any amount of tissue over three to four millimeters. Some patients can feel incredibly self-conscious when they smile because of this, but they don’t want to go under the knife to correct it for many reasons. […]

Why Your Dentist Recommended a Gingivectomy

A gingivectomy is a specific dental surgical procedure used to treat periodontal disease and other gum-related issues. Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums, tissue, and bone that holds your teeth in place. Other gum-related issues tend to be cosmetic, such as correcting a gummy smile or gum contouring, which can affect your smile’s […]

5 Tips For Avoiding Future Dentures

It’s a common myth that everyone will need dentures someday. Your teeth should continue to function and even remain aesthetically pleasing long into the later years of life with proper care. By maintaining excellent oral hygiene, seeing your dentist regularly for routine teeth cleanings and exams, and correcting minor issues, like cavities, while they are […]

3 Reasons Why You Have Black Triangles Between Your Teeth

A bright and white smile can significantly boost confidence and self-esteem. Many dental problems can affect the look and function of your teeth, and black triangles are one of them. Not only do black triangles create an unpleasant appearance to your smile, but they also invite other dental issues to form, such as gum disease […]

Learn What’s Causing Your Canker Sores

Small, painful ulcers that appear on the inside of the mouth are commonly known as canker sores. While canker sores can be uncomfortable, especially while talking or eating, they aren’t considered a dangerous or serious medical issue. Read on to learn more about how to identify a canker sore, signs it may be something more […]

The Perfect Bedtime Routine For Kids – Brush, Book, and Bed

The key to establishing healthy sleeping habits for your children starts with consistency. Aside from special occasions and family celebrations, your children should have a routine bedtime schedule. Having an established bedtime routine makes it easier for children to predict and know what to expect every night. When it comes to a child’s development, predictability […]

3 Causes of Molar Cupping (and How To Prevent It!)

Small cups, holes, and grooves that appear like dental potholes in the molars are a rare form of corrosion. Dental cupping, or tooth cupping, is a dangerous oral health condition and should be treated immediately. Once the holes reach the dentin, the enamel layers start to collapse. This type of tooth deterioration is problematic as […]

Tips For Finding a New Dentist After a Big Move

Whether you’ve just moved cross-country or to a different city close by, there are a lot of tasks to accomplish. From renting moving trucks to changing your address, there is certainly a lot to do. Once the boxes have been unpacked, and your family starts to settle in, the next step is to find new […]

5 Instances To Choose a Dental Bridge Over an Implant

A dental implant is a gold standard when it comes to finding a long-term solution for replacing a missing tooth. However, there are many situations in which a dental implant may not be the best alternative for tooth loss. In these instances, a fixed dental bridge may be a superior choice. Here are a few […]