Dental bridge over dental implant

No matter your needs, there’s a tooth restoration option. Dr. Baudean provides a wide range of restorations for patients missing one, some or all of their teeth. A dental bridge fills a space left behind by a missing tooth.

Bridges are unique restorations in that they draw on the strength of neighboring teeth to support the false teeth (like partials, but unlike dentures and crowns). While this can be advantageous for some patients, namely those missing only a few teeth, it’s not possible for others. The bridge must be able to work without weakening the supporting teeth; if it weakens them, the bridge could lead to further tooth loss.

Replace Missing Teeth With A Bridge

A dental bridge attached to dental implants

Filling the spaces left behind by missing teeth has physical and emotional benefits:

  • Prevents remaining teeth from shifting and creating malocclusion or a jaw disorder
  • The area will be less likely to develop periodontal disease
  • Neighboring teeth will be less likely to decay
  • Your smile will be made whole again, renewing your sense of confidence and establishing a positive personal image

Types of Bridges

There are three common types of dental bridges.

  1. Fixed Bridge – The most popular bridge, it consists of a false tooth (a pontic) attached to two crowns, which fit over neighboring teeth and anchor the pontic in place.
  2. Maryland Bridge – This bridge typically replaces highly visible missing teeth. It consists of a single plastic piece that looks like replacement teeth and natural gums, which is attached to natural teeth using unobtrusive metal bands.
  3. Cantilever Bridge – Used when a tooth only remains on one end of the span, a Cantilever bridge connects on only one side. It will usually require two crowns for a single pontic.

Bridges are the simplest way to replace missing teeth – they don’t require surgery or significant commitment on the patient’s part. Reap the health and mental rewards of a full smile by getting in touch with our office to discuss bridges.