Marrero CEREC Dental CrownsPorcelain dental crowns could give you back your old smile!

While veneers strengthen teeth without betraying signs of dental work, they are not appropriate for every tooth in your mouth. Front teeth are well served by veneers, but posterior teeth need more substantial support. Dental crowns supply patients with fresh tooth structure to rebuild compromised teeth. If a tooth has seen substantial decay or trauma, it will need to receive outside support. Porcelain crowns are the most natural in appearance, although they can be less durable than porcelain fused to metal crowns.

The typical crown procedure takes multiple appointments, and requires the patient wear temporaries between tooth preparation and receiving their crowns. Dr. Baudean has made the process more pleasant for our patients by providing single-day CEREC crowns.

CEREC Crowns

By fabricating porcelain crowns in-office, we’re able to complete the entire crown procedure within the space of one appointment. Forgo the stress of temporaries and waiting for your final restoration – your teeth will be entirely rebuilt by the time you walk out of our office.

CEREC Crown Procedure

  1. 1.  We will anesthetize you and reshape your tooth to fit beneath the crown.
  2. 2.  An impression of your teeth will be taken so that the custom crown will fill the appropriate space. This impression isn’t of the gag-inducing variety: it’s digital. After brushing the area to be captured with a powder, Dr. Baudean will take a 3D image of the teeth.
  3. 3.  This image will be sent to a specialized milling machine, which will create your new crown in the space of 30 minutes. During this time, you will be free to run errands or simply relax in the office.
  4. 4.  Dr. Baudean will put the finishing touches on your crown and bond it in place. After ensuring proper fit and bite, he will pronounce your restoration complete!

Interested in a crown without the commitment? Call our office to learn more about single-day porcelain crowns.