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The diagnostic and imaging tools used in dentistry are key in planning treatment. Our hi-tech dental office makes sure patients get the advanced care they need. Whether we’re taking x-rays or capturing images of dental problems within your mouth, these pictures allow us to understand the exact locations of vital structures. Being able to view your teeth or jaw structures in precise detail allows Dr. Baudean to plan a course of treatment and ensure any procedure’s success. Because we refuse to use anything other than the most comprehensive imaging technology available, our practice employs 3D imaging to aid in nearly every type of dental treatment.

Cone Beam 3D Imaging

cone beam ct scan machine

A standard x-ray utilizes radiation exposure to identify bone structures. The technology used by our office takes that to another level. A digital cone beam machine looks like a rotating digital x-ray machine. The patient sits while the machine circles his or her head and captures all 360 degrees of the facial and jaw structures. The resulting images are as close to reality as possible, allowing us to determine the best course of treatment. Moreover, these images do not merely indicate bone, but also show soft tissue surfaces. With these 3D images, we’re able to better predict every moment of your treatment and results.

Uses for 3D Imaging in Dentistry

Being able to view the locations and states of internal structures without distortion aids us immensely in completing your dental treatment. 3D images are indispensable when

Because of these comprehensive capabilities, 3D images will be taken prior to root canals, extractions, dental implant placement, TMJ treatment, or any investigation of undetermined oral discomfort. The resulting digital images are easily shared between dental professionals for coordination of treatment with specialists, and Dr. Baudean is better able to show the patient the source of the problem and the plan of action.

3D imaging improves the quality and predictability of our dental work while making our patients more comfortable and confident with treatment. Schedule a consultation to see cone beam images for yourself.