Marrero dental implants If you’ve spent any amount of time missing permanent teeth, you know what a hassle life can be without a full smile in place. It’s tougher to eat, speak, and perform oral hygiene. Your bite feels uncomfortable and displaced. And you’re ashamed to show off your grin to those around you.

These problems magnify and lead to larger issues. The longer you spend without one or more teeth in place, the more serious the ramifications. Why not take action today and fill those gaps with dental implants?

While tooth implants may not sound like the most exciting prospect, they’re actually pretty amazing. Let this blog post serve as an introduction to the most effective, comprehensive way to replace  your missing teeth. Read on for more.

Deciding to Replace Missing Teeth

A full smile impacts your health, confidence, and overall well-being. Choosing to replace missing teeth is choosing to maintain your current state of oral health and appearance. Without interference, things will begin to change. From a shifting bite, to the rise of cavities and periodontal disease, to bone loss, you won’t be happy with the transformation taking place in your mouth.

If you’re interested in replacing missing teeth, but anxious about the treatment process, just get in touch. Our Marrero team will talk you through your options, and the restorative process. We also offer dental sedation to help you feel calmer in the office.

Why Are Dental Implants So Special?

Marrero implant dentistYou probably know there are a few options out there for patients seeking tooth replacement. So why are dental implants the choice we promote? Simply put, because they do things no other restoration can. Implants don’t just place a new tooth above the gum line – they reach below, to your jaw bone. This forms the kind of foundation you can’t expect from other treatment options.

More specifically, implants are unique because:

  1. Implants support your existing facial structure. When you lose a tooth, the cheek next to that area sags inward. This change may be minute, but it will intensify, and eventually result in an altered facial appearance. If you choose to get an implant, it will build out the area and also support the bone beneath. The combined effects preserve your current facial structure.
  2. Implants keep your jaw bone from dissolving. After tooth loss, the jaw bone that formerly attached to that tooth has no reason to exist. Without support, it dissolves and dissipates through the bloodstream. When an implant connects to the jaw bone, it augments the area, giving the bone the support it needs to stay strong.
  3. Implants last – and last, and last. Implants form a connection with the jaw bone around them. This means that the implants will remain a part of your mouth for decades to come (and maybe even the rest of your life). Since the implants become a natural part of your mouth, if you provide them with good care, they won’t fail or need to be replaced.
  4. Implants support any restoration. You’re able to pair your dental implants with any restoration you choose – single crown, multiple crowns, bridge, partial, or denture.
  5. Implants improve your oral health. A missing tooth offers bacteria a space to grow, and heightens the chances of developing cavities or gum disease. Implants step in and stop this from taking place.
  6. Implants boost your happiness. Think we’re exaggerating? A British study actually provided depressed, denture-wearing seniors with dental implants. When you’re dealing with ill-fitting or poorly-functioning dentures, connecting them to stable implants makes a big impact on your personal satisfaction.

Ready to learn more? Simply get in touch with our Marrero office.

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