Marrero general dentistThe word “healthy” is a surprisingly problematic one. What’s healthy for one person could harm another, and vice versa. And with the help of the Internet, anyone can be a health “expert,” spreading all kinds of recommendations across the Web. How do you know what’s really right for you?

If you’ve chosen to engage in an extreme diet, it’s wise to think again. What’s good for your body might not necessarily be the best choice for your teeth. Before you make any big changes to your daily habits, you need to consult with a professional. Run your new diet past Dr. Baudean and our staff to make sure it’s not going to result in a damaged or worn smile.

When Too Much of a Good Thing Harms Your Teeth

Juicing is a big fad that has taken hold of health-conscious Americans everywhere. It’s also a perfect example of a dietary choice that has a serious impact on your teeth. The sugar and citrus in the fruit that fills the smoothies wreaks havoc on your enamel. Acidic beverages are the worst for your teeth – they wash them in acid, wearing away your tooth surfaces and welcoming cavities.

A juice-heavy diet isn’t the only one that’s problematic for your pearly whites. The 5:2 diet, which involves certain days of fasting, results in persistent bad breath. When you don’t get enough calories, your cells enter ketosis because there aren’t enough carbs for them to fuel the body, and they instead burn fat. Chemicals are released that negatively affect your breath. No amount of mouthwash will improve the situation.

Building a Well-Rounded Diet to Stay Tooth-Healthy

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Moderation is important in every area of life. Once you’re overindulging in even healthy foods, beverages, or activities, they stop being beneficial to your body (and your mind). Thus, if a diet is particularly restrictive or limited, it’s probably not a good idea. Check with your doctor before making the change.

When it comes to eating healthy without damaging your teeth, we have a few more specific tips that will help prevent gum disease and cavities:

  • Use a straw – If you choose to drink smoothies or citrus fruit juices, try using a straw to prevent the liquid from affecting your teeth. Drinking through a straw helps it spend less time in contact with your teeth.
  • Choose non-acidic fruits and vegetables – There are plenty of raw options that don’t harm your teeth (and, in fact, can actually help them). Embrace peppers, broccoli, carrots, and apples.
  • Choose the right snacks – Been snacking on dried fruit? The results can be disastrous – the fruit sticks to your teeth, kickstarting decay. Try choosing nuts or cheese instead.
  • Embrace dairy – Dairy is great for your entire body, and can have a strengthening effect on your teeth. Choose low-fat, sugar-free milk and yogurt to get the right nutrients while still filling up.

Talking About Dietary Choices with Your Marrero General Dentist

The path toward excellent health is a tough one to follow. First, you have to determine what’s right for your body. Then, you need to figure out how to incorporate those measures in to your daily life. And finally, you need to actually carry out those new practices – for many years to come. Good health isn’t something you can gain after just a few months of diet and exercising. It’s a lifelong practice, and one that we can help you embrace.

If you’re ever curious about what you could be doing to boost your well-being (dental or otherwise), just get in touch with our office.

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