Marrero general dentistAlthough your tooth enamel is the hardest part of the human body, that doesn’t mean it’s immortal. The teeth fall prey to the forces of time and daily life, just as other aspects of our bodies do. Enamel becomes worn, teeth get chipped, and gums recede, changing a smile’s appearance and health. While some aspects of aging are unavoidable, there’s usually something you can do to preserve your smile. Taking superb care of your teeth today will result in a future smile that is younger, healthier, and more complete. Why not take advantage of all that you can do? Practice preventive dentistry to see stronger pearly whites.

Why We Value Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dental care is the act of working to stop problems before they even arise. Just how is this possible? By taking a comprehensive, full-spectrum approach to your oral hygiene and dental health. While there are always cosmetic and restorative options for smiles that have lost some of their luster, it’s simpler and time-saving to just keep your smile healthy in the first place. Of course, some problems may still arise, no matter the level of care you provide your teeth. But you have the power to limit them and to see your natural smile last through the years.

The Most Beneficial Things You Can Do for Your Oral Health

These aren’t the only things you should do for your teeth, but they are the cornerstones of preventive care. If you follow each of these five guidelines, you will see healthier teeth and a long-lasting smile.

  1. Marrero general dentistEngage in consistent oral hygiene. In general, this means brushing and flossing twice daily. Different individuals have different hygiene needs. Your dentist will let you know what’s right for your mouth. You may benefit from a certain type of toothpaste, or the additional of a mouthwash. Stick to your hygiene regimen to remove food particles and bacteria from your teeth before they can cause cavities or gum inflammation.
  2. Schedule (and keep!) regular dental exams. Most patients should see their dentist every six months (those with recurring gum disease will need to visit more often). Has it been a while since you’ve been in the dental chair? Don’t put off that appointment out of hesitation or fear. There’s no judgment at the dentist’s office, just caring attention. Only a dental professional will notice early signs of dental problems, and be able to take action. Maintain regular appointments to give your mouth a chance.
  3. Protect your teeth. This means protection during any instance that could cause tooth damage. You may need to wear a sports guard to keep teeth safe during physical activity, or a night guard to save them from the effects of grinding. Covering your enamel with a custom guard will help keep your teeth whole and your gum line stable.
  4. Eat healthy (and tooth-friendly). A well-balanced diet is great for your teeth (and your entire body). To give your mouth a boost, make sure to get plenty of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin A, and magnesium.
  5. Pay attention to what your teeth are telling you. You know better than anyone what is normal for your mouth. If something seems off, it’s time to schedule an exam. Get a professional’s opinion to put your worries to rest.

Missing Teeth? Marrero Restorative Dentistry Will Help

Already missing teeth or frustrated with a worn smile? It’s never too late to regain your old smile. Restorative dentistry will offer you a second chance. Get in touch with Dr. Aubrey Baudean’s office to learn more.


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