Marrero cosmetic dentist Be honest: how comfortable are you showing your smile? With or without realizing it, you may be covering up your pearly whites. And every time you do so, you rob yourself of the benefits that a big smile can offer.

Anxiety about one’s appearance is incredibly common, and your teeth are top offenders. We sometimes feel that we have little control over our smile, and aren’t sure how to proceed in seeking a transformation.

Don’t let your teeth keep you from building your relationships and sharing your full self with the world. It’s time to make a change. If you’re unhappy with your smile but questioning cosmetic treatment, read on for some reasons why you may want to reconsider.

Smile Power Is No Joke

It may seem cliched to believe that your smile holds its own special force. But it’s actually the way you approach and negotiate with the world.

The last time you met someone new, what did you first notice? What was the impression that you took away from the interaction? We’re willing to bet that, consciously or not, the smile played a starring role. If your new acquaintance approached you with a big smile, you probably liked them right from the start.

A smile shows that you’re sincere, you’re engaged, and you’re interested in the person across from you. This is not only valuable in personal interactions (after all, American males find a smile to be the most attractive part of a person’s appearance), but also in profession ones. When your smile looks perfect, you seem more capable and self-aware, and those traits are valued by any employer.

Feeling Confident in Your Beautiful Teeth

Marrero cosmetic dentistA great smile isn’t all about what others think of you. It’s also largely important because of the way it enhances your own confidence level.

While beauty is definitely more than skin deep, a great deal of your personal satisfaction comes from your appearance. And your smile is at the forefront of your image. If you’re not happy with your teeth, you don’t feel as good about yourself. You also have added anxiety throughout the day, as you struggle to keep your teeth covered and worry about what others may be thinking.

Choosing to augment your smile is choosing to make yourself happier. When a chance to improve your quality of life presents itself, don’t you want to seize it? Making the change doesn’t have to mean expensive or invasive treatment. There are options for every type of patient, and Dr. Baudean will always take your needs under consideration.

When Cosmetic Dentistry is the Answer

As we mentioned earlier, there’s always a cosmetic answer, no matter what you’re looking for. Treatment can be simple or more involved, depending on the desired result. If you’re looking for a smile overhaul, you’ll need more than just whitening or bonding, but we will work with you to set a treatment plan that you find comfortable.

Your treatment could include:

  • Whitening – The tried and true treatment makes a bigger difference than you think. Whiter teeth drastically change the look of your entire smile.
  • Dental bonding – Composite bonding adds new material to your teeth, filling gaps and covering chips. It’s completely finished in just one appointment.
  • Porcelain veneers – Veneers cover your natural tooth surfaces to create a new look. The porcelain is highly natural-looking, and won’t stand out in your smile.
  • Porcelain crowns – Dental crowns rebuild teeth that have experienced serious decay or damage. And they do so without looking like dental work.

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