Marrero cosmetic dentistSo: you’re thinking about cosmetic dentistry. How do you decide on the correct first step to take? We’ll start off with a tip that should calm you down: there is no “correct” first step. Cosmetic dentistry is a different experience for every patient, and individuals with different needs will benefit most from one treatment or another. Take our smile makeover quiz below to begin getting a good idea of what’s going to make the most sense for your aesthetic goals and your lifestyle.


Seeking Cosmetic Dentistry in Marrero?

Marrero cosmetic dentistryWhile it doesn’t need to be your first step, meeting with a cosmetic dentist is a must. Even if you’re pursuing home treatment (like over the counter whitening), you’ll benefit from some professional advice. Dr. Aubrey Baudean has an expert eye, and will let you know exactly what would look best within your smile. Moreover, he’ll help you make sure that the treatment you decide on is going to fall in line with your life. Cosmetic treatment isn’t just about the end result – if you proceed in the right way, you can also be thrilled with the entire process.

Smile Makeover Quiz

It’s essential to take every aspect of your life into account when considering cosmetic treatment. We’ve listed some of the most important things to think about below, to help you start brainstorming. Answer the questions and tally up your results:

  1. How long would you like your cosmetic treatment to last?
    1. Quick and simple – I’d like to be in and out of the office
    2. I don’t mind visiting the office twice, but don’t want to commit further than that
    3. As long as it needs to take – I’m happy investing in a longer-lasting treatment
  2. What kind of results are you looking for?
    1. Something subtle, or small in scale
    2. A changed smile, but one that still looks like my own
    3. Total transformation! I want dramatic changes.
  3. What about your smile do you dislike the most?
    1. A chipped tooth or yellow teeth
    2. Short, misshapen, or discolored front teeth
    3. Everything! I need a smile overhaul.
  4. How comfortable are you with dental treatment?
    1. I’m a little bit anxious about visiting the office. I don’t want to experience pain.
    2. Pretty comfortable; I don’t mind being in the dental chair, but it’s not my favorite place
    3. I love visiting the dentist’s!
  5. What do you envision your final smile looking like?
    1. Like my current smile, but free of small flaws
    2. Fairly different – overall whiter, straighter, and more impressive
    3. Like a brand new grin
  6. What kind of financial investment are you willing to make in your cosmetic treatment?
    1. Little to none
    2. Substantial investment
    3. Sky’s the limit!
  7. You’re interested in changing your smile’s appearance, but would you also like to improve its function?
    1. No, just its aesthetics
    2. Yes – my teeth are sensitive and I’d like them to be better protected
    3. Absolutely, my teeth aren’t up to par as is


If you chose mostly #1’s: You’re looking for a quick fix that will make a small change to your smile. You’ll find success with single-appointment or home treatments like dental bonding and teeth whitening. Whether your teeth are a little yellow, you have a chip in a front tooth, or there’s some other minor problem, you’ll be able to resolve it without too much trouble.

If you chose mostly #2’s: You’re seeking a more substantial change, and you’re a prime candidate for porcelain veneers. These restorations can remake your front teeth and create a fresh smile. Getting a full set will bring about big changes.

If you chose mostly #3’s: You’re looking for a brand new smile! You will benefit the most from a combination of cosmetic treatments: a true smile makeover. With the aid of veneers, bonding, contouring, and whitening, Dr. Baudean will create your personalized, unique new grin.

Hoping to schedule a cosmetic consultation? Just get in touch.