Relieve Tooth Pain At Home

  We’ve all experienced the the pain and discomfort that comes with a toothache. Your first response is to call and make an emergency appointment with your dentist, but what can you do from home to relieve some of the discomfort you’re experiencing in the meantime? Cold Compress If you’re experiencing any swelling, apply an […]

This Drink is the Worst for Your Teeth

It’s something you hear on a regular basis – drink less soda. The well-meaning healthcare providers and experts asking that we put down the Coke have our health in mind – and also our smiles. You know that soft drinks aren’t the best thing for your teeth – but some are actually much more dangerous […]

3 Ways to Rebuild a Missing Tooth

If you’re missing a tooth, you already know some of the impacts it can make on your daily life. Not only can a missing tooth make you self conscious of your smile, but even the loss of a back tooth can cause your other teeth to shift and drift out of place, changing the look […]

5 Reasons Root Canals Aren’t as Scary as You Think

Has your dentist recommended a root canal? If you have even a little bit of dental anxiety, chances are, you’re not exactly excited to schedule the procedure. Modern attitudes and pervasive myths have led many patients to believe that root canals are painful, frightening and the absolute worst thing that could happen in the dentist’s […]

Is this Automated Toothbrush Dentist-Approved?

A toothbrush has captured the internet’s attention – that’s right, a toothbrush. But this one doesn’t look like anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s called Amabrush, and it’s the world’s first automatic toothbrush. This tool aims cut the time you spend brushing each day down – way down. Instead of brushing for two minutes twice a […]

Why Does My Tooth Hurt?

We’ve all been there. You wake up one morning and find that your molar is aching. Or you pull your floss from your mouth and rub your aching gums. Or, you experience a growing pain in your canine that’s been getting worse for months. No matter the cause of your tooth pain, you deserve relief […]