Could Mouthwash Improve Your Children’s Oral Health?

As a parent, one of the most important things you can teach your children is how to take great care of their teeth and gums. Children who maintain excellent oral hygiene are proven to have fewer cavities and less anxiety regarding routine dental cleanings and exams. There are a few extra things you can do […]

Helping Your Child Heal From Their First Root Canal

If your child’s dentist recently told you that they require a root canal, it’s likely your mind was instantly flooded with questions and concerns. Tooth decay doesn’t only affect adults, and children are just as susceptible, if not sometimes more, to decay that can turn into the need for a root canal treatment. This guide […]

Do Your Habits Put You At Risk For Gum Disease?

Certain factors make you significantly more likely to develop gum disease at some point in your life. While some of these factors are unavoidable and out of your control, many are entirely preventable. If you are at a heightened risk for developing gum disease based on family genetics or other hereditary factors, taking extra care […]

Crooked Teeth and the Problems They May Be Causing

If your teeth are crooked, overlap, or have any other misalignment issues, you may be at a higher risk of developing other common dental issues. Cleaning misaligned teeth can be difficult because there are often nooks and crannies that bacteria can easily become trapped in, and tooth decay is a result. If you continuously hear […]

What Causes White Spots on Teeth After Whitening?

While most patients can all agree that visible white spots on the surface of your teeth are less than desirable in appearance, the excellent news is that, medically speaking, they aren’t considered a severe cause for concern. When it comes to what’s causing your teeth to develop white spots, there are a few underlying causes […]

Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed By A Certain Age?

There seems to be a common age demographic when it comes to wisdom teeth removal. While all people are different, it’s typically best to have wisdom teeth removed before they begin to cause problems to your other teeth, or worse, begin causing you pain and discomfort. Read on to learn why it’s ideal for most […]

What To Do When Sudden Bad Breath Strikes

Feeling like bad breath is constantly creeping up on you can be a frustrating situation. The most important thing to realize if this sounds all too relatable is that bad breath is an indication that something is amiss with your oral health. Discovering the root cause behind why you’re experiencing chronic halitosis is the first […]

What’s Causing Your Sudden Jaw Pain?

Your jaw muscles play a significant role in your body functioning correctly. The jaw muscles allow us to speak, drink, chew, and it’s even responsible for making facial expressions. If you’ve been experiencing chronic jaw pain, it’s likely you already realize just how much a person uses their jaw and how persistent discomfort can make […]

5 Ways Alcohol Can Impact Your Oral Health

Over-consuming alcohol can put your entire body at risk for several diseases and conditions, like cancer, heart disease, and even increase your risk of developing dementia. While sitting back after a long day with a cocktail may be your nightly ritual, it’s important to keep alcohol consumption in check. A single drink every night can […]