All About Oral Cancer: Prevention, Risk Factors, and Symptoms

Few patients are familiar with the symptoms, risk factors, and prevention measures related to oral cancer, yet thousands of Americans are diagnosed each year. When diagnosed early, the treatability and prognosis of oral cancers improve significantly, making early detection key. Inform yourself with the facts about oral cancer. Early detection may result in better treatment […]

6 Reasons To Schedule Biannual Teeth Cleanings

Maintaining excellent dental health is important regardless of your age.  Frequent and regular cleanings are more critical than you might think. Beyond keeping a white, healthy smile, teeth cleanings can help your overall health too. We recommend visiting the dentist for cleanings and exams twice a year, or as often as your dentists recommends. Here […]

10 Easy Ways To Drink More Water

Our bodies all need water to survive, but waiting until your body is dehydrated isn’t ideal. Water is required to cushion and lubricate your joints, protect your brain and other internal tissues. Water also helps to promote healthy teeth and gums by washing away cavity-causing bacteria. Here are 10 easy ways to drink more water. […]

7 Tooth-Friendly Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Christmas is the topic on most parents’ minds at this time of the year. When considering stocking stuffers, we have a few excellent recommendations to help in keeping your child’s mouth and teeth at their healthiest for the coming new year. Skip the Lifesaver storybooks and gift your kids something that will benefit them (and […]

Prevent Holiday Cavities With This One Tip

You don’t have to give up sugar entirely to have a healthy holiday season. However, smart snacking will keep your teeth from developing cavities, and this one tip can help make all the difference in your new year smile. That tip is this: It’s less a matter of how much of a cavity-causing food you […]

Want Healthier Gums? Eat These 10 Superfoods!

Your gums are just as vital to care for as your teeth. Not only do they keep your teeth secure, but they also protect your oral bones and battle against bacteria on a daily basis. Over half of Americans have some form of gum disease. Fortunately, if caught early, gum disease progression can be stopped, […]

How To Determine What is Causing Your Toothache at Home

Waking up with a sudden dull ache in a tooth can quickly send your nerves into overdrive. After all, who has the time to bring everything in their daily life to a sudden halt for an emergency dental appointment? Going without treatment or letting your toothache worsen is never the right answer, but determining the […]