The Best Tooth Fairy Tips For Parents

Playing the role of Tooth Fairy is a right of passage for parents, and for most, it’s a job we want to take seriously. It only takes forgetting to leave a Tooth Fairy treat one time, to understand the importance of being a good fairy for your kids. Losing a tooth is one of the […]

The Many Benefits of Using Night Guards

Night guards are often recommended to patients for many reasons. Regardless of the rationale behind the recommendation, using a night guard will help to protect your teeth from severe damage, such as teeth clenching and grinding. These appliances are often the best way to minimize painful symptoms and achieve superior relief. Preventing Tooth Damage One […]

Affording Dental Care After Retirement

Roughly 1 in 5 adults over the age of 65 have untreated tooth decay, and 40% of seniors haven’t visited the dentist for a routine exam in the last year. So why the decrease in dental care for seniors? Only a very small percentage of retirees have dental benefits that cover routine dental work and […]

Alternative Teeth Whitening For Kids and Teens

Maintaining a healthy, white smile begins at a young age. The enamel on your teeth is subject to stains, erosion and tooth decay from the foods we eat and beverages we drink. If you are a parent who takes care of their own teeth and whitens on a regular basis, you may be wondering how […]

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Your baby’s incoming teeth may not be permanent, but those baby teeth are just as vital to care for as the permanent ones that will soon-enough take their place. The first set of teeth infants and children obtain are important to protect because if they are lost too early, the teeth that are left may […]

Broken Filling? Take These Steps Today

Dental fillings are an efficient and cost-effective treatment for repairing tooth decay. The word filling is used to describe the actual material used to fill cavities in the teeth, and while a filling is very durable and can last for years, they rarely last forever. Sometimes, fillings simply fall out or become loose. If this […]

How to Help Fillings Last As Long as Possible

Whether you’ve just heard the news from your dentist that you need a filling, or perhaps you’re wondering just how long those fillings from your childhood are going to last, regardless, it’s a good fact to know. Selecting a filling material that works best for you should involve some consideration, as this is what is […]

What’s the Best Way to Brush Your Teeth?

Just seeing two (or more) different dentists in a short time period can lead to patients being confused on what the best way to take care of their teeth is. While one dentist may recommend adding a third brushing into your day, another dentist may tell you that you’re over brushing. So what is the […]