You deserve to be an informed patient. The better you understand your dental care, the more engaged you will be and the end result is typically improved oral health. If you’re considering teeth whitening but are unsure about treatment, we’re here to help. You deserve a bright smile that makes you feel confident and in charge – and that might be easier to get than you think.

We’ve put together answers to some of the most frequently asked teeth whitening questions below. Whitening may be the perfect treatment for you, or it may be best to try something else – and this guide will help you decide. But the best way to ensure you undergo fulfilling whitening is to talk to your dentist. Dr. Baudean will help you decide on a treatment that meets your needs and goals, and that will work well for your unique teeth.

Getting Comfortable with Teeth Whitening: FAQ


Whitening Your Teeth In-Office

Patients seeking immediate results and a noticeably brighter smile should try professional whitening. While home whitening kits ultimately bleach teeth, they take much longer to do so. You’re also on your own throughout the process, without expert guidance. If you’re considering a whiter smile, learn more about professional treatment first. Just get in touch with any questions!

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