Marrero teeth whiteningIt’s no surprise that teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. You finish up in one appointment, walk out with a brighter grin, and feel more confident right away. But some patients who are interested in whitening hold back out of concern that it might be painful, dangerous, or not that effective. This post is for you.

If you have questions about the whitening process, we’re here to answer them. We’ve detailed some of the most common whitening concerns below, and would love to help you learn more. If your question isn’t in this post, get in touch to speak with our front desk. Your cosmetic dentistry should be comfortable, not anxiety-inducing.

 What Patients Want to Know about Whitening Teeth

  • Is teeth whitening safe? As with all dental procedures, there’s a right and wrong way to carry out treatment. As long as you receive your whitening from a dentist, you don’t need to worry. But it’s never a good idea to have whitening done at a spa or other non-dental office – they are not as knowledgeable about your teeth or your safety. If you’re going to be whitening with over the counter products, it’s also a good idea to get product recommendations from Dr. Baudean so that you’re using ones that are right for your teeth.
  • Will whitening hurt? Some patients find that whitening is completely painless, and others experience some twinges. No matter your experience, the discomfort will fade shortly (within 1-2 days), and whitening won’t intensify any existing sensitivity.
  • How long do whitening results last? Whitening lasts anywhere from 6 months up two years, with some studies showing results lasting as long as 10 years. What’s the deciding factor? The way you treat your teeth, and what you expose them to. Avoiding staining culprits like red wine, coffee, and tobacco will help you prolong your pearly white smile.
  • How white should I go? It’s a good rule of thumb not to take your teeth whiter than the whites of your eyes. That would result in your face looking imbalanced and your teeth standing out in the wrong way.
  • Can I whiten sensitive teeth? Yes, you can – you just need to take some preparatory steps first. Dr. Baudean may recommend fluoride treatment or fluoride toothpaste to help strengthen your enamel and make whitening more comfortable. There are also special whitening agents formulated for sensitive teeth.
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