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Chewing gum all day to keep your breath fresh? Here are some more effective methods that will get you smelling great

We all want nice breath, but that’s largely because the alternative is so unappealing. Bad breath can make coworkers avoid you, friends choose a phone call over an in-person visit, and have a generally harmful impact on your social and professional lives. But it’s important to think about your breath-boosting efforts as an extension of your oral health.

While minty-smelling breath is a more interesting side of oral health, the underlying cause is the same: diligent oral hygiene and regular exams. No matter how much gum you chew, things aren’t going to improve until you remove plaque and bad bacteria from your mouth. To make sure you’re on the right page, scroll down for some of the top culprits behind stinky breath. If you’ve been struggling to freshen up, get in touch – the smell could be a symptom of gum disease or a cavity.

Get Fresh Breath – and Keep it That Way

  • Avoid the right foods – You know about especially fragrant vegetables like raw onions and garlic, but sugary or starchy snacks cause similar breath issues and are worse for your teeth. This is because they give rise to the production of acids in the mouth, feeding bad bacteria and triggering gum irritation and enamel erosion. Try to avoid sweets throughout the day, and you’ll notice your teeth feeling less fuzzy and breath staying fresher.
  • Brush and floss consistently (and well) – You should brush at least twice a day and floss once a day. If you find yourself struggling to remember to floss, set a phone reminder or a note on your mirror so that you stay on schedule. Oral hygiene removes bacteria before it can harden into plaque or tartar.
  • Clean your teeth on the go – If you notice your teeth feeling dirty and your breath smelling as the workday goes on, invest in a travel toothbrush and toothpaste and clean your teeth at work.
  • Find dental products that work for you – A midday mouthwash might help tame your breath, or an electric toothbrush that helps remove bacteria efficiently every morning.
  • Quit tobacco – Smoking is harmful to your health and extremely detrimental to your breath. If you’re interesting in finding quitting resources, start online.
  • Visit your dentist – You should schedule regular exams so that Dr. Baudean is able to monitor your teeth and gums and make sure there isn’t a larger health problem behind bad breath.
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