Marrero general dentist Our smiles are so important. We use them to express ourselves, communicate, and represent who we truly are – all at a glance. But the passing of time can lead to damaged teeth and less-impressive grins. The combination of physical trauma, aging dental work, and the sinister effects of the passing years lead to a smile that doesn’t look the way it once did.

While there are ways to repair signs of aging and wear, why not prevent them from taking hold in the first place? Engage in some smart dental care to keep your pearly whites in fighting shape. Dr. Aubrey Baudean and our team can offer some targeted tips to get you started.

The Basics of Preventive Dentistry

Marrero general dentist

Is it time to get in the dental chair?

You want to avoid spending time in the dental chair, and money in the dental office. The first step is taking charge of your oral health. There are a few ways to really streamline the process:

  • Get your next dental exam on the books – Call us now! Seriously, it’s never too early to schedule. By involving our office in the long-term scheduling process, you give us a chance to help you stay on-track. Regular exams are the best way to prevent future problems – they not only allow us to look out for signs of decay and gum disease, but also to spot cracks in dental work before you have a dental emergency on your hands.
  • Make sure your oral hygiene is effective – Even if you’re already brushing and flossing on an appropriate schedule, that cleaning may not be as effective as possible. At your next appointment, ask your hygienist whether you’ve been successfully removing plaque on your own. You can also read up on some brushing and flossing tips to check on your techniques. This will save time over the sink, and keep your teeth healthy.
  • Consider a tooth-healthy diet – Is your diet low in sugar and acidic drinks? Choosing to tailor your eating to your dental needs makes a huge difference. Try to make water your drink of choice, and snack on vegetables, fruit (except for citrus), cheese, yogurt, and nuts. When you drink soda or coffee, use a straw to better protect your teeth.
  • Pay attention to what your teeth tell you – Many of us ignore what’s going on in our mouths. We have more pressing matters to tend to, and if our teeth aren’t in pain, we don’t worry about them. But pain isn’t the only indicator of a problem. If your gums are puffy or red, your teeth feel loose, or you notice sores on your gums, it’s time to take action. Make a point to check in with your teeth now and then, and react quickly.

Caring For Your Dental Work

We’d all love for dental work to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, most treatments have endpoints attached. You can extend their lifespans with some special care:

  • Brush and floss carefully and thoroughly
  • Do whitening touch-ups at home
  • Wear a night guard to protect your dental work from grinding
  • As always – schedule regular exams!

Marrero Dentist on Why Your Smile Deserves Your Care

Not only is your smile important to your happiness – it also tells those around you about your priorities, and your inner self. Possessing a beautiful, healthy smile will boost your confidence and show the world that you care about your appearance (and that’s not a bad thing). Long-lasting smiles also offer professional and social benefits.

Curious about what will protect your own teeth? Contact us to learn more about what your teeth and gums need.

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