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Take a moment to think about your priorities (all of your priorities). At the top of the list, likely entries are family, friends, and your job. Maybe pets or hobbies, or personal success. As you go down the list, stop and notice – have you mentioned anything about your health? With our hectic lives, it’s easy to forget to focus on our physical wellbeing. Dental health goes even more frequently overlooked. But it’s inherently linked to aspects of your whole body health – and can make a big difference to your life. Read on for some oral health incentives, and ways to start investing in your own healthy smile.

Marrero General Dentist on Why Oral Health Matters

Dr. Aubrey Baudean has seen patients come through his office doors for many years. While each patient has individual needs and dental concerns, there’s a universal factor that unites them: healthy smiles are happy smiles. And a happy smile affects so many areas of life, from social to professional to personal. When your smile is beautifully sound, you feel great about yourself. Showing your smile off conveys a message of that confidence, and leaves a positive impression on all you meet.

Outside of the emotional realm, oral health also makes an impact on other areas of your body. Ongoing studies suggest a link between periodontal disease and systemic health problems, most notably heart disease. Patients with diabetes also suffer when oral complications arise.

On the practical side, keeping your teeth healthy means preventing big costs down the line – and not just financial ones. While maintaining great oral health will save you money, it will also save you time, discomfort, and your very teeth! Healthy teeth have longer lives, and are less likely to be lost over the years. Retaining your natural teeth as you age will help you feel younger and more capable.

How to Focus on Your Dental Health

Marrero general dentist

Build a big, beautiful smile by taking great care of your teeth!

  • Preventive care – Preventive dentistry encompasses all the measures we’ve included in this list. It is the practice of preventing dental problems before they occur. It should be performed both at home and in the office. While Dr. Baudean and our team are always available to help, you provide the foundation of your oral health. It is your daily hygiene, activities, and habits than build or weaken your oral health. Take pride in creating a healthy, gorgeous smile!
  • Excellent oral hygiene – Your teeth need daily upkeep to remain strong. Brushing and flossing 2x a day removes food particles and bacteria before they can gather and form plaque. Taking a couple minutes out of each day is possible (and necessary) for every patient. Your oral hygiene will make a big difference. Make sure you’re brushing and flossing properly to make your hygiene count.
  • Regular dental appointments – Many patients have slightly different intervals at which they should visit the dentist. The average recommended time between visits is six months. When was your last dental exam? If it’s been a while, pick up the phone and schedule. Only a dentist can spot the early signs of cavities and gum disease (and even larger problems).
  • A tooth-friendly diet – Is your diet packed with sugar and starch? These aren’t so great for your teeth, and will increase your chances of developing cavities. Make sure to get raw vegetables, dairy, nuts, and lean protein to build and maintain a healthy smile (and body).

Looking for some more personalize oral health tips? Get in touch with our office to learn more about your mouth!

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