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Botox done right won’t rob you of your ability to smile!

Do you have your Botox facts straight? Since Botox cosmetic was approved by the FDA in 2002, this aesthetic treatment has become incredibly popular and widespread. And it’s continuing to grow: the global Botox market is expected to reach $2.9 billion by 2018. When a medical treatment is so prominent, it’s sure to draw backlash, and Botox is no exception. Rumors, half-truths, and actual facts have floated across the Internet and through the gossip mill until many have become muddled. Don’t allow the things you may have heard about Botox to dissuade you from pursuing treatment. In this post, we offer an open discussion about exactly what Botox will really be like.

What is Botox?

We’ll start with the very basics. Botox is a medication containing botulinum toxin. While “toxin” sends some running for the hills, in the correct application, the toxin’s effects are what actually act as wrinkle reducers. Botox is a purified protein – it is classified as a toxin because it halts muscle movement. When wielded by an experienced, trained professional, Botox will result in entirely predictable changes.

FACT: Botox is safe

Botox itself is a muscle inhibitor. This makes it technically toxic, but also allows it to produce the wrinkle-smoothing results that you’re seeking. Changing the appearance of your face isn’t easy. Botox offers the benefit of being non-surgical, and therefore lower-risk and accompanied by little to no downtime. The reality of Botox is that it halts commands between your nerves and muscles. If injected at the wrong muscle, this could be devastating. But by choosing a skilled dentist, you ensure that you’re in expert hands. Dental professionals spend their education and careers becoming intimately acquainted with facial musculature, and they’re prepared to inject Botox precisely.

MYTH: Botox will freeze your face

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It’s true that improperly-injected Botox can result in stiff expressions. Too many units of Botox at one site can also prevent you from emoting as you normally would. But when your Botox treatment is balanced and properly administered, you will see few side effects. The wrinkles you hoped to target will improve, and you’ll still be able to smile and laugh as normal. Botox will only change your face for the better.

FACT: Botox will reduce frown and brow lines

When you concentrate or experience stress, your facial muscles tend to reflect your state of mind. You furrow or raise your forehead, forming horizontal and vertical lines across the upper portion of your face. Botox injected at the forehead and between the brows will help smooth these lines. By preventing those muscles from contracting, Botox can also help with stress-induced headaches and facial pain.

MYTH: Botox is permanent

Botox treatment is not permanent, making it possible for patients with versatile needs to pursue it. Whether you’re hoping to make subtle, temporary changes, or are looking for something more prolonged, single or multiple Botox appointments will deliver your ideal results. Depending on the number of units and placement of injections, Botox treatment usually lasts 3-6 months. If you decide that Botox wasn’t for you after all, you will regain normal muscle function by the end of this period. And if you’re a Botox fiend, repeat appointments will result in permanently smoother skin, as the target muscles begin to atrophy. It’s a winning situation for patients of every kind.

Is Botox right for you?

If your wrinkles have frustrated you in the past, it’s time to consider making a change. Botox treatment is low-risk and high-reward. Even subtle wrinkle smoothing is a possibility. Get in touch with our office to talk to Dr. Baudean or our staff and have your questions answered.