Marrero teeth whiteningWhiter teeth are within your grasp! If you’ve been feeling less than confident about the appearance of your smile, it’s time to take action. Whitening accomplishes big changes in a short amount of time, and with simple procedures. Patients initially seeking more complex procedures can actually find that whitening fulfills their cosmetic desires. Will whitening satisfy yours? There’s no way to know until you’ve tried it for yourself. And once your teeth are whiter, we’ve got the tips you need to keep them in shining shape.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Marrero

Before you need to worry about maintaining whiter teeth, you’ll need to set your smile to its desired shade. In-office teeth whitening is the speediest way to do so. Dr. Aubrey Baudean offers Brite Smile whitening to gently remove stains from porous tooth enamel. The hydrogen peroxide gel is activated by a specialized light to help the process along. You’ll leave our office with a dramatically whiter smile.

Home Whitening

Professional whitening too much for your teeth? It’s easy to whiten at home. We will take impressions of your teeth so that we can provide you with custom whitening trays. Once equipped with whitening tools and instructions, you’ll be ready to whiten on your own time. You’ll see results within several weeks, and are less likely to experience sensitivity throughout the process.

Ways to Maintain Whiter Teeth

Oral Hygiene

We’re all hoping to make our cosmetic dental treatment last as long as possible – and there are daily steps we can take to help it endure. Oral hygiene is a very important one. While brushing and flossing carefully will help prevent cavities and gum disease, it also scrubs external stains from your enamel. Take great care of your teeth to see your whitening results last.

Been considering whitening toothpaste? Be careful about which one you choose – unless it contains hydrogen peroxide or another whitening agent, it won’t actually break up stains. Many so-called whitening toothpastes actually contain abrasive agents that aim to brush away stains, but can ultimately damage your enamel. If you’d like to add a whitening toothpaste to your oral hygiene routine, ask Dr. Baudean for a product recommendation.

Whitening Diet

Marrero teeth whitening

Drinking water helps wash away staining compounds

Some foods and beverages are much more whitening-friendly than others. The following actually help to remove stains and whiten your enamel:

  • Water – Our favorite drink around, water not only rinses staining liquids from your teeth, but removes bacteria and helps prevent decay.
  • Raw vegetables – Raw fruits and vegetables act as toothbrush-like scrubbers and remove discoloration from enamel’s surface.
  • Sugarless gum – Chewing sugar-free gum increases saliva production in the mouth, which helps cleanse teeth and prevent decay.

These culprits are likely to cause stains, and should either be avoided or consumed with a straw (so that they doesn’t wash over your enamel):

  • Coffeee
  • Black tea
  • Red wine
  • Dark sauces

Healthy Habits for a Beautiful Smile

Preventive dentistry helps stop decay before it takes hold, but has the happy side effect of keeping your smile beautiful. Be aware of potential problems so that you can take action before they damage your teeth. Schedule regular dental exams so that Dr. Baudean can make sure nothing scary is brewing. Quit your tobacco habit to both stop stains and improve your systemic health. And consider whether you could be grinding your teeth – keeping yourself from wearing down your enamel stops the yellow dentin layer from showing through to your smile.

Have questions about whitening or maintenance? Get in touch with our office today.

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