Kids aren’t the only ones who get cavities! Remember to protect and preserve your teeth at every age, with the help of a few tips:

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We have so many responsibilities to tend to each day; more often than not, our dental care falls by the wayside. While we work hard to help our kids to prevent cavities, we need to remember that our own teeth are in the same danger of developing decay. Our oral health changes as we age. What once worked for you might not still be the best practice. Check in with our Ama dentist to learn more about what’s right for your own teeth; just fill out the form below to schedule an appointment.

Effective Oral Hygiene for Adults

  • Remember to floss – As adults, we often skip the little things that we feel like we don’t have time for. But flossing is much more important than you may realize. Only flossing removes food particles from tough-to-reach areas between your teeth, strengthening your gum line and improving your defenses against disease.
  • Drink plenty of water – Water is so good for your body, and your teeth. It rinses away acids and bacteria, and fluoridated tap water also strengthens your enamel.
  • Follow a healthy diet – Take the time to go shopping and pick up all the necessities for a healthy self. Choose fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lean proteins, and low-sugar, low-starch snacks.
  • Be aware of your teeth – If something seems wrong, it’s worth getting checked out. When you think something about your teeth or gums is changing, it’s never a bad idea to schedule a checkup.
  • Schedule regular exams – You should visit the dentist every 6 months for proper preventive care. If you’re in a higher-risk category (typically related to your chances of developing gum disease), Dr. Baudean might want to see you more often.
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