We’re always looking for ways to get ahead of serious health conditions. What if seeing your dentist every 6 months could help you prevent big problems – and not just cavities and gum disease?

The thing is, we already know of quite a few conditions that present early in the mouth. This means that those symptoms will be noticed by your dentist, who can help you diagnose the problem and get treatment before things grow more serious.

We’ve put together a handy infographic to give you more information about which conditions have oral symptoms, and what to expect. If you’re interested in learning more about the mouth-body connection, read to the end for some surprising info about how gum disease may be related to heart disease.

Systemic Health Conditions and Your Oral Health

infographic about how oral health impacts systemic health

Emerging Research: Gum Disease Could Heighten Heart Disease Risk

Multiple studies have found that gum disease may contribute to the development of heart disease. There hasn’t been a definitive answer to whether or not this is the case, but findings continue to suggest a link.

Why is this the case? Experts are still trying to figure that out, but there are a few possibilities. One theory is that the bacteria present in the mouth when the gums are infected may enter the bloodstream and attach to fatty deposits in blood vessels. This can lead to blood clots and may lead to heart attacks. Oral bacteria could trigger the development of arterial plaque.

If you’re hoping to keep both your gums and your heart healthy, the best step you can take is to schedule regular exams and pair those with great home care. Eat right, brush and floss, get plenty of exercise, and check in with your healthcare professionals regularly – we’re here to help you achieve whole body wellness.

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