Stressed out about whether you’re giving your kids what they need? If you’re a parent, the answer is almost definitely yes – there’s just so much to consider on a daily basis. But finding straightforward references that keep you informed will make all the difference.

For this reason, we’ve put together a simple resource that has some of the milestones and tips that will help you encourage your child’s healthy tooth development. If you’re ever uncertain about how to care for your children’s teeth and help them build healthy habits, just get in touch for help from our team.

How Parents Can Encourage Their Kids’ Healthy Habits

Marrero Kids Dental Health - Infographic

Child Refusing To Brush? Here’s What to Do

Children aren’t always super interested in oral hygiene – after all, it’s not exactly the most exciting part of their day. But learning more about why brushing and flossing are so important will help them engage with the process. Talk to them about what happens when they skip brushing, especially before they go to bed. Thinking about the bacteria that grow in their mouth overnight will help them get seriously motivated!

There’s no need to scare your child into good dental health, but discussing the reality of tooth decay and other dental problems will help them take responsibility for their health.

You can also go the entertainment route, making oral hygiene more interesting for your child. Try dental products that feature their favorite cartoon character. Put up an oral hygiene chart so that every member of your family can mark off their daily brushing and flossing. Or, brush and floss alongside your child to both make sure they’re completing their cleaning and spend some quality time together.

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