kids healthy teeth tipsYour kids’ teeth need your help – but do you know exactly what to provide? We’re here to simplify the process and make sure your little ones build beautiful, lifelong smiles. Between getting the right nutrients, scheduling regular dental exams, and learning healthy habits, your children will be able to not only develop strong teeth today but know how to treat them well in the future.

We know that it can be an uphill battle getting the whole family to brush and floss. If you’re ever looking for help, get in touch to gain resources from our team.

 What Kids’ Healthy Teeth Really Need

  • Dental exam every six months – Infants should first visit the dentist by the time they turn 1, or right around the time their first tooth erupts. After that, regular exams should be scheduled twice a year. Dr. Baudean will monitor the teeth and jaws to look for healthy development and a lack of cavities or other dental problems. Your kids will also receive personalized guidance on how to brush and floss, and other ways to protect and respect their teeth.
  • Well-rounded diet – Developing teeth need plenty of calcium to grow strong, and a well-rounded group of additional nutrients (which boosts both smiles and whole bodies). Your children should get fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein, dairy, and lots of water on a daily basis.
  • Avoid sugary snacks and drinks – Try not to keep soda or juice constantly in the house – water and milk are best for kids’ teeth, and if they don’t develop a dependence on sugary drinks while young, they’ll be more likely to avoid them in the future. Also, have sweets with meals instead of as snacks – the additional food and extra saliva present help wash away acids so they don’t harm enamel.
  • Home education – Talk to your kids about why sugar leads to cavities, and they’ll be more likely to skip bad snacks when given the chance (and submit to brushing their teeth). Tell them why oral health leads to happiness, and a lack of the dental drill at exams.
  • Help with oral hygiene – It’s always a good idea to brush your teeth alongside your child. This helps you make sure they’re cleaning for long enough (at least 2 minutes!) and thoroughly, but also that they’re not skipping oral hygiene entirely. Put up an oral hygiene chart in the bathroom to make regular cleaning more fun!
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