Marrero tooth replacementTooth replacement accomplishes a whole lot more than you might realize. Of course, it rebuilds a missing tooth structure – but the benefits are just beginning. Choosing to put a new tooth in place will change the way you approach the world, and the way it responds. You’ll be a more confident version of yourself, and return to a younger, happier mental place. What else offers this kind of all-encompassing life improvement?

If you’ve been waiting to replace a tooth, stop holding back. The sooner you act, the less complex your treatment is likely to be, and the more stable the results. Get in touch with us today to set up a consultation, and read on for details on what you’ll gain from restorative care. Every patient experience is different – you can’t know how positive an influence a new tooth will be on your daily life until you take action.

 What to Expect from Replacing Missing Teeth

  • Improve oral health – The gap left behind by a lost permanent tooth is a dangerous place. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria, and you won’t be able to clean it easily. There’s a heightened risk of cavities and gum disease. Your surrounding teeth will also shift, as they’re no longer held in their proper places. They’ll move closer to the gap, disrupting your bite and potentially causing issues chewing, cleaning, and fitting your teeth together comfortably.
  • Expand your smile’s longevity – Teeth can last a lifetime – and just because you’ve lost one doesn’t mean the others have to follow suit. But a missing tooth can often lead to a chain reaction, in which the problem that caused tooth loss in the first place continues to impact surrounding teeth – this is especially true if periodontal disease is present. Choosing rehabilitation will help you preserve the rest of your smile, and avoid additional dental work.
  • Boost confidence – Your confidence is inextricably linked to your appearance. When you don’t have a full smile, you don’t feel like yourself, and that shows. You’ll seem less comfortable in your own skin, and you won’t be able to take charge the way you once did, or even speak up in social settings. Don’t withdraw and change who you are because of dental problems – restoring your tooth will bring you back to normal.
  • Simplify daily tasks – Chewing, speaking, smiling, and other necessary daily habits may make you feel pain or discomfort, and they can be more difficult to complete with a missing tooth. This adds unnecessary stress and can lead to chronic pain. Restore your smile and you can avoid these long-term concerns.
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