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Trying to amp up your oral health? Pick up the floss more often!

Your smile can stay with you for life, but it needs a little help. If you start giving it a little extra attention and TLC today, you’ll see your teeth staying cavity-free and your gums healthy for years to come. Superb health doesn’t have to be complicated – by adopting the simple habits below, you’ll not only see stronger teeth, but you’ll accomplish that without spending tons of time and energy on the process.

Our St Charles Parish dentist hopes to serve as a long-term ally in your efforts to support your smile. If you ever have questions about how you should be eating, or cleaning your teeth, just contact us.

Daily Tips for Disease-Free Grins

Every choice you make has a larger impact. By doing small things each day to boost your oral health, you end up with strong, beautiful, and sound teeth. If you struggle to remember to keep up with these tasks, set daily reminders to get yourself into a good pattern.

  • Floss daily – We’re all so busy, and flossing can feel like it’s taking up time we simply aren’t able to spare. But it’s so important. Flossing makes a significant difference to your risk of developing gum disease, which is the number one cause of tooth loss. Keep your gums healthy, save your teeth!
  • Choose smart snacks – Snacking puts your smile in danger because you’re not eating enough food to produce adequate saliva, which rinses acids from your teeth. Try to snack on raw vegetables, unsweetened dairy, non-citrus fruit, or nuts, and limit sweets and starches.
  • Rinse with water – After eating something high in sugar, rinse your mouth with water to remove decay- and erosion-causing acids.
  • Try to cut down on sugar – How much sugar are you really eating each day? Learning the answer, and limiting your intake, will help you avoid cavities in the future.
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