Marrero same day crowns

Broken tooth? Digital crowns will get you smiling again, ASAP

If you’re dealing with a dental emergency, you just want your tooth to be whole (and pain-free). But depending on your case, that could mean multiple appointments and waiting periods between treatment sessions. Same day crowns make things simpler so that patients with pressing needs can rebuild teeth in just one appointment. Whether you’re dealing with a sudden emergency or just deciding to fix a longstanding problem, CEREC crowns might be the right treatment option.

How do these restorations deliver on everything that they offer? Keep reading to learn more about the treatment process, and whether your damaged tooth fits the same day crown bill.

Trying Marrero CEREC Crowns

The reason the crown process is so abbreviated is because it’s completed (in its entirety) inside our office. There’s no dental lab, no lab/shipping fees, no waiting period, and no return to get your crown placed. Instead, everything is condensed into a single appointment.

This is made possible with CAD/CAM dentistry, which uses digital impressions and a milling machine to fabricate crowns under Dr. Baudean’s direction. Since the crowns are made in-office, the patient and dentist also have more control over the end result. Your final crown will look imperceptible from surrounding teeth, and function well.

Can I Get a Same Day Crown?

Because of the CEREC process, not every patient qualifies. You’ll be able to receive a same day crown if your damaged tooth

  • Is a molar – The computerized milling process can’t create all the nuances of a natural tooth, so it will not appear natural if in a highly visible place like the front of your mouth. But for teeth that don’t play a significant role in your smile, CEREC is ideal.
  • Is broken off above the gum line – If the break is below the gums, the scanning device isn’t able to create a precise image for fabrication.
  • Is healthy – This one can go either way. The tooth in question needs to be cavity-free before a crown can be placed. We may be able to treat the tooth in the same appointment, but this will mean a longer treatment session – Dr. Baudean will discuss your needs and goals before getting started and selecting CEREC.
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