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Your kids look up to you in every way. This extends to their dental care. If you show your kids that there’s nothing to fear about the dentist’s office, you could help them remain dental anxiety-free for life. Moreover, they’ll become more invested in their dental care, which will help them build strong, healthy teeth for the rest of their lives. Read on for a few tips about working with your kids to establish a positive way of viewing dentistry and oral health.

Kids’ Dentistry and Kids’ Oral Health

Contrary to popular belief, there are ways to make dentistry fun! Adding entertainment value to oral hygiene will get your kids in the game. Try any of the following to get them pumped:

  • Oral hygiene chart – Brushing and flossing charts are helpful in two ways: one, they show that your kids have definitely been cleaning their teeth; two, they make cleaning more exciting for your kids. They’ll look forward to checking off their oral hygiene for the morning or evening. Check out this collection of oral hygiene charts for one you may be able to use.
  • Incentives for cavity-free teeth – Try giving out small prizes or having a family activity to celebrate a cavity-free appointment.
  • Healthy but tasty snacks – Healthy snacking doesn’t need to be depressing. Try making fruits and vegetables into fun shapes or serve them with yogurt-based dips. Your kids will appreciate the novelty, and their teeth will prevail.

Marrero Pediatric Dental Care


Pediatric dentistry is a two-party effort. You help your kids brush, floss, and eat right at home, and our we’ll employ our pediatric expertise in-office. Our gentle techniques, open communication, and sedation dentistry will help your children feel comfortable at our practice. If you have any questions about your next appointment or would like to schedule it, please get in touch with our office.