Marrero dental technology

As the technological world advances, so do our dental capabilities. The modern era offers us plenty of resources to enhance our dentistry, leading to the best possible care for our patients. With digital x-rays and 3D imaging, the diagnostic process is made simpler and clearer. We’re able to make treatment planning both safer and more productive. Read on to learn more about how Dr. Baudean’s dental technology allows us to better determine your course of treatment.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

Traditional x-rays needs to expose patients to a certain amount of radiation in order to take clear images of their internal structures. Digital x-rays use less radiation to take even better images. Additionally, digital x-rays are:

  • Immediate – Traditional x-rays need to be developed before they can be used in treatment planning. Digital x-rays are immediately available, speeding up the treatment process. Dr. Baudean will be able to look at and discuss your x-rays with you just moments after taking them.
  • Easily shared – Because digital x-rays exist as computer files, they’re easy to package and send to referred doctors or insurance providers. This helps with coordination of treatment and benefits.
  • Simple to enhance – Digital images are easily zoomed in and out on, making it simple for us to show patients potential problems and discuss treatment options. You should be involved in the planning process of your own treatment.

3D Imaging

Our practice enhances our imaging even further by choosing to take 3D images for complex cases. Whether we’re planning TMJ treatment for joint disorders, placing dental implants to replace missing teeth, looking at wisdom teeth prior to extraction, or evaluating the mouth for signs of tumors or other problematic growths, 3D images are an incredible aid.

If you have questions about the technology available at our practice, please get in touch with us to learn more!