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As dental professionals, we love talking teeth. But when we stress the power of a smile, we’re not exaggerating. Many people turn to your smile first thing – and hold it to be more important than the actual words that you say. Because first impressions are so important, there’s reason to make sure that your smile is living up to its full potential. Our Harvey cosmetic dentist can tell you more.

What are you missing out on without a smile you love? For one thing, you feel less confident and capable. You’re not as comfortable entering social settings, and you may hold back at work. The way others see you may also suffer because of imperfect teeth. There are certain assumptions people make based on the appearance of our teeth – and while that may be unfair, it’s unavoidable. Check out this infographic to learn more about the personality traits that we tend to associate (even subconsciously) with aspects of smiles.

Harvey cosmetic dentist

Is Your Smile Missing Something?

How do you fight back against these assumptions? By crafting your smile into something that represents who you truly are. With the variety of cosmetic treatments available, you can find the one that fits your needs. Dr. Aubrey Baudean and our staff will help you make the necessary financial arrangements so that you can afford the appropriate treatment, and emerge with a smile that’s well worth the investment.

Harvey Cosmetic Dentist on Finding the Right Treatment

We are each so unique. Our cosmetic dental experiences follow suit. Depending on your teeth, you may benefit from a single treatment, or require a combination of procedures. Your final smile will be the one you’ve imagined. If you’re ready to learn more about the process, get in touch with Dr. Baudean’s office to arrange a consultation.

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