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You know that these are dental tools – but do you know exactly what they do?

Dental anxiety is a long-term issue for so many patients. And if you’ve tried to get more comfortable, you’ve probably found mixed results. The trouble is, the longer you’ve felt nervous about going to the office, the harder it is to shake those bad feelings. And the more time you spend away from the dentist, the more serious dental problems will be able to take hold of your teeth.

So what’s the first step to freeing yourself from anxiety? Learning more about your appointments. If the sight of dental tools brings on a serious pit in your stomach, you’re giving them a negative weight that they just don’t deserve. When you’re aware of what you can expect, you realize that reality is far less scary than your imagination. If you’re ready to schedule your next exam, fill out the form below to set up your appointment – and read on for more details.

Get To Know Your Dental Instruments

  • Scalers – These remove plaque and tartar from the tooth surfaces, above the gum line. Having plaque removed at your appointments is incredibly important – this allows you to start fresh and prevents the formation of fresh tartar.
  • Mirror – The mirror allows Dr. Baudean and your hygienist to view areas of your teeth that aren’t immediately accessible, like the backs of your front teeth and molars.
  • Explorers – With an explorer, dental professionals touch tooth surfaces to test for sticky or soft patches that may indicate decay.
  • Periodontal probe – This probe measures the depth of a periodontal pocket to determine the extent of your periodontal treatment.
  • Drill – We know that the drill tends to inspire anxiety, but it’s nothing to fear. This tool removes decay before it’s able to spread further, and carves out an area for a filling to take place. We will ensure that you’re numb before drilling, so you won’t experience discomfort.
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