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It can be a struggle to maintain a tooth-healthy diet. With all the recommendations bouncing around the Internet, how can you be sure of what’s the best for your teeth and gums (and what has the potential to cause cavities)? Your Gretna dentist can step in and act as the voice of authority. If you ever have questions about what you should be eating to stay cavity-free, just get in touch for some answers.

While there are plenty of problematic foods and drinks, today we’re focusing on the ultimate enemy: soda pop. We’re sure that you’ve heard that soda isn’t great for your smile in the past, but understanding exactly what it does to your enamel will motivate you to put it aside. In addition to lowering your risk of tooth decay, enamel erosion, and staining, cutting out soda will also improve your whole body health.

Just Why Is Soda Pop a Bad Guy?

It all comes down to the lethal combination of high sugar and acidity. The below infographic will tell you more.

Gretna dentist

Surprised to learn that Coke is as acidic as vinegar? It’s definitely a scary thought. So what are your beverage alternatives? Instead of shopping for soda, try snacking on the following drinks:

  • Tea
  • Non-citrus fruit juice
  • Sparkling or flat water
  • Milk

…and when you do go for carbonated beverages, use a straw so that the liquid doesn’t wash over your teeth.

Gretna Dentist Helps Build Your Oral Health

A cavity-free mouth is a lifelong endeavor. Make sure that you’re taking the right steps day by day to end up with a beautiful, healthy smile. If you ever have questions, we would love to help you engage with your health and oral hygiene. Just call us at (504) 347-1015, or schedule an exam online.

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