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If your dentures aren’t working the way you’d like, all is not hopeless!

Patient education, improving tools, and general spread of dental awareness have helped us put tooth loss on the decline. But countless individuals have missing teeth, and we want to do whatever possible to make their tooth replacement effective. If you’ve been putting up with a restoration that you don’t love, take this opportunity to make a change. Dentures don’t have to be disappointing.

It’s common practice for patients to replace their dentures every 4-8 years. This of course varies between individuals, but is related to the breakdown of denture materials, health conditions within the mouth, and changes in the contours of your jaws in the time since tooth loss. If you think your dentures might not be fitting properly, get in touch to schedule a consultation. Dr. Baudean will be able to tell you more after taking a look at your teeth.

In the meantime, keep reading to learn more about what you deserve from your dentures, and how to tell when it’s time for a new restorative solution.

 How Your Dentures Should Be Performing

The first question to ask yourself – what can you expect from your dentures, anyway? Many patients put up with subpar restorations because they think that they’re not going to be able to find anything better. This usually isn’t the case – there’s always another option, and one that might be preferable for your needs. Your mouth is unique, and your treatment will follow suit.

  • Are there sore spots inside your mouth? This may mean that proper adjustments haven’t been made. Tweaking the denture’s fit will help reduce soreness and improve function. Just let us know if you’re noticing sores or abrasions when getting accustomed to a new denture.
  • Is it difficult speaking? If your dentures are new, this could be a part of the initial adjustment period. Practice speaking by reading aloud or going through speech exercises. If you’ve had your dentures for a while, this could mean that there’s some larger issue and you should investigate further.
  • Do you struggle to chew? Your dentures will take some practice to get accustomed to using. It’s important that you chew with your back teeth so that the dentures don’t become dislodged. If you need tips or think your dentures might be loose, let us know.
  • Do you feel that your dentures look natural? Confidence is a big part of tooth replacement. Your restorations should look like the real thing, and make you feel good about yourself. If you don’t like the appearance of your dentures, you owe it to yourself to seek some changes.

 Do I Replace My Dentures, or Try Something New?

Denture technology is always improving. Advances in fitting, fabrication, and materials change so much about the way dentures perform. If your dentures are old, getting new ones may provide you with an entirely different experience.

Something else to consider is pairing dentures with dental implants. These titanium posts integrate with your jaw bone, providing a new source of structure. After implant healing, your dentures will be anchored in place and perform better than you ever could have expected.

If you ever have questions about implants, dentures, or tooth replacement at large, we’re here to help.

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