Marrero TMJ painWhen you’re experiencing jaw, dental, or facial pain, it often becomes all you can think about. After all, you feel a twinge every time you speak, smile, chew, or emote in any way – how could that not affect you mentally and emotionally? Jaw pain doesn’t need to become a daily burden. Prevent it from taking a serious toll on your life by pursuing TMJ treatment with our Marrero team. Chances are, the path to pain relief is simpler than you imagine.

Returning Your Jaw to Normal with TMJ Treatment

We carry an unbelievable amount of stress in our jaws. Many people subconsciously tighten and clench their jaws in stressful situations, and even more do so while sleeping (countless adults grind their teeth nocturnally). Sometimes our jaws need a little help. Whether you have a TMJ disorder, or are aggravating your TMJ with other habits, a number of solutions will help soothe the area.

  • TMJ Splints – A fancier term for a mouth guard, a TMJ splint restricts your jaw movement so that it can’t damage your jaw joint. A splint should be worn while sleeping to prevent clenching or reposition your jaw properly.
  • TMJ Massage – Gentle massage of your TMJ (located just in front of your ears on either side of your face) will relax the joints and help soothe them.
  • Relaxation Techniques – Meditation, yoga, and other forms of relaxation are a wonderful way to calm down before sleeping and release stress that could end up causing clenching.
  • Other Treatment Options… Some patients don’t find relief with the simple treatments listed above. In this case, Dr. Aubrey Baudean will work with you to discover an alternate option. Whether you require orthodontic treatment, occlusal adjustment, or even surgery, there will be a path to pain relief.

TMJ Treatment in Marrero

Seeking local advice on your TMJ discomfort? Get in touch with our team and you’ll find we’re prepared to help.