What Patients Don’t Know About Dental X-Rays

When you visit the dentist with tooth pain or another issue, your dentist is likely to suggest x-rays. But he or she may also recommend x-rays at your first appointment with a new dentist or with your ordinary twice-per-year visits. Many patients have questions about whether x-rays are safe and necessary, especially if they aren’t […]

Are You Brushing Your Teeth All Wrong?

You have been brushing your teeth since you were a toddler, so you should be an expert by now, right? There is mounting evidence that most people do not actually brush their teeth correctly. Brushing your teeth the right way is essential to preventing lost enamel, cavities, and gum disease. Tooth Brushing Mistakes You Should […]

Best Halloween Candy Alternatives From a Dentist

Are you scared of what Halloween can mean for your kids’ teeth? You don’t need to be! In general, one day of indulgence is not going to derail regular healthy dental habits. However, kids get a lot of candy and other snacks that are not the best option for teeth on Halloween. If you want […]

Ways You’re Secretly Damaging Your Teeth

Even if you are diligent about keeping your twice-a-year dental visits and maintaining a perfect brushing and flossing routine, you can still be harming your teeth in other ways. Many of our patients are surprised to hear that their oral health efforts are falling short as a result of other bad behaviors. Common Tooth-Damaging Habits […]

How Acid Reflux Harms Your Teeth

If you are one of the 60 million Americans who experience acid reflux, you know it can affect many aspects of your life, but did you know acid reflux can even damage your dental health? Acid reflux, commonly known as heartburn, can be a chronic condition. Over time, acid reflux may have some surprising and […]

How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost?

  A crown can restore both the look and function of a decayed or damaged tooth, but how much will it impact your wallet? A lot of factors will determine the cost of your crown, including where you live, the skill and experience of your dentist, the type of crown you choose, and whether you […]

8 Tips to Avoid Summertime Dental Emergencies

The last thing you want interrupting your summer fun is a dental emergency. But for adults and children, summer can mean a potential uptick in dental emergencies. From lax routines to more outdoor activities, there are a wide variety of causes to be on the lookout for. The good news is that with a little […]

Is Coffee Bad for My Teeth?

You may look forward to that morning coffee every day, but is it harmful to your teeth? Coffee seems to be one of those things that the media says is healthy one day and unhealthy the next. Many articles tout the health benefits of coffee, while opposing sources state it is not so good for […]

Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dental Anxiety

If you’re uncomfortable around a dental drill, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is a common issue and can prevent people from keeping up with dental treatment. Unfortunately, delaying regular dental care can mean bigger problems and the need for more extensive procedures down the line. We want all our patients to feel comfortable in the […]