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No matter what your goals are, cosmetic dentistry could help you achieve them (it’s true!)

Been working toward a promotion? Out in the dating scene? Trying to get support on a project? If you’re not putting forth a big smile, you’re getting in your own way. Appearance isn’t everything, but it does mean a lot – and the way we look forms the basis of first impressions. Feeling like your teeth aren’t up to the task? Our Algiers cosmetic dentist can help you find a new path forward.

Tweaking your teeth helps you feel comfortable and confident with your grin. In turn, you then show it off more freely and come across as a friendlier and more capable person. When others meet you, make sure they’re seeing you in a positive light – it all starts with your smile.

Types of Smile Makeovers

Every smile makeover is unique. It’s tailored to the patient’s individual needs, preferences, and teeth. Depending on what you’re looking for, a combination of procedures could be necessary – or you may be satisfied with a single, same-day treatment. Some common types of smile makeovers involve making teeth:

  • Whiter – Depending on the stains, lightening them could mean a few different things. If the stains are external and within the enamel, in-office whitening will lift them and brighten your smile. If the stains are intrinsic, formed during tooth development, then bonding or veneers will cover dark patches.
  • Straighter – While orthodontic treatment might be necessary, if the crookedness is mild and not affecting your bite, veneers or crowns can straighten your front teeth.
  • Longer – Aging and gradual erosion can make our teeth lose structure and appear small. Porcelain veneers will build them back out and restructure your smile.
  • More symmetrical – If you have cracks, chips, or other minor flaws, Dr. Baudean will correct them and leave your entire smile looking finished and polished.


Any of those makeovers sound right for you? Just get in touch.

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