6 Ways Dental Implants are More Thrilling Than You Think

If you’ve spent any amount of time missing permanent teeth, you know what a hassle life can be without a full smile in place. It’s tougher to eat, speak, and perform oral hygiene. Your bite feels uncomfortable and displaced. And you’re ashamed to show off your grin to those around you. These problems magnify and lead […]

Reluctant To Smile? Cosmetic Dentistry Will Help

Be honest: how comfortable are you showing your smile? With or without realizing it, you may be covering up your pearly whites. And every time you do so, you rob yourself of the benefits that a big smile can offer. Anxiety about one’s appearance is incredibly common, and your teeth are top offenders. We sometimes […]

How to Avoid Pregnancy Gingivitis

Pregnancy is a stressful, wonderful, and busy time. It’s tough to just get enough rest, let alone tend to minute aspects of your health. But your mouth is one area that you shouldn’t neglect during this exciting time. During pregnancy, your gums are at a higher risk of developing gingivitis, or inflamed gums. It may […]

Tooth Development And Your Child’s Healthy Mouth

We all want what’s best for our children. While some of the answers are instinctual, others require some outside help. And that means doing some research to uncover the ideal ways to support your kids. Dental care is no different. While it can feel a little overwhelming when faced with the endless opinions that fill […]

5 Tips to Help Teeth Last a Lifetime

Although your tooth enamel is the hardest part of the human body, that doesn’t mean it’s immortal. The teeth fall prey to the forces of time and daily life, just as other aspects of our bodies do. Enamel becomes worn, teeth get chipped, and gums recede, changing a smile’s appearance and health. While some aspects […]

Replace Missing Teeth the Right Way

Restorative dentistry has brought life back into so many smiles. If you feel that yours isn’t living up to its full potential, it’s time to find the right solution. Problem is, what’s “right” for one patient isn’t necessarily the best choice for another. Deciding on the appropriate treatment path requires time, thought, and the aid […]

Quiz: What Smile Makeover is Right For You?

So: you’re thinking about cosmetic dentistry. How do you decide on the correct first step to take? We’ll start off with a tip that should calm you down: there is no “correct” first step. Cosmetic dentistry is a different experience for every patient, and individuals with different needs will benefit most from one treatment or […]

Invest in Your Dental Health – Today

Take a moment to think about your priorities (all of your priorities). At the top of the list, likely entries are family, friends, and your job. Maybe pets or hobbies, or personal success. As you go down the list, stop and notice – have you mentioned anything about your health? With our hectic lives, it’s […]