Confused woman thinking about answers to her questions on chalkboard background

1. Eating A Healthy Diet Is Important For Both Your Oral and Overall Health

  1. Eating healthy foods is essential because sugary foods contribute to tooth decay and a poor diet, in general, can leave you with a negative impact on your overall health
  2. Rarely are your oral health and your overall health connected in any way
  3. Your oral health is entirely separate from your overall health

2. How Often Should You Replace Your Toothbrush?

  1. Every 3-4 months or when your toothbrush is showing any signs of being warn.
  2. After you have been sick
  3. When you receive a new one from your bi-annual dental exam

3. When Should You Use Mouthwash?

  1. When you brush your teeth
  2. Once a day
  3. When you need to freshen your breath, and you are unable to brush your teeth properly

4. How Often Should You Visit the Dentist and Dental Hygienist?

  1. Twice a year or every six months
  2. Once a year when your dental insurance policy renews
  3. Only when you have a dental issue that needs to be addressed

5. How Long Should You Brush Your Teeth?

  1. A full two minutes, twice a day
  2. At least 90 seconds
  3. Until your mouth feels like it’s clean

6. At What Age Should a Child First See the Dentist?

  1. When the child’s first tooth appears
  2. By the child’s first birthday
  3. Before they begin school

7. When Is the Most Important Time to Brush Your Teeth?

  1. Just before bed and in the morning
  2. After meals and snacks
  3. Whenever you remember

8. True or False: Dental Coverage is Included in Medicare?

  1. False
  2. True

9. True or False: Smokeless tobacco is safer than cigarettes

  1. False
  2. True

10. Taking Certain Medications Can…

  1. Impact your oral health by causing dry mouth and changes in your gums
  2. Lead to an increase in cavities
  3. Have no impact on your oral health

11. Living in a Fluoridated Community Helps Reduce Your Risk For Tooth Decay

  1. Yes
  2. I don’t know. Should I care?
  3. No

12. The Hardest Material In the Human Body Is…

  1. Enamel
  2. Bone
  3. I don’t know

13. The Best Way to Store a Toothbrush is…

  1. In a place where the brush can dry out between brushings
  2. In a toothbrush holder
  3. Under a toothbrush cap

14. Gum Disease Has Been Shown To Be Associated With…

  1. Heart disease, diabetes, and pregnancy
  2. Heart disease and pregnancy
  3. None of the above

15. True or False: Hard Toothbrush Bristles Can Be More Effective For Scrubbing Plaque Than Soft Bristles

  1. False
  2. True

If You Answered Mostly 1’s

Great job! You know how important it is to maintain a healthy mouth, and how it can have a direct link to your overall health too. Keep up the great work smile scholar!

If You Answered Mostly 2’s

For the most part, you know how to take care of your oral health, but there are still some areas where you could improve on your dental knowledge. Ask for some tips on how you can improve your brushing technique at your next dental exam and cleaning.

If You Answered Mostly 3’s

You are still learning the proper way to take care of your oral health, and you may have a ways to go before you can consider yourself a smile scholar. Your oral health knowledge can improve with the right tips and skills. Ask us for ways you can improve your oral health at your next appointment.

Happy With Your Quiz Results?

If you are a smile scholar, congratulations! Keep up the great work at home, and don’t forget to schedule your bi-annual cleaning and exam with Dr. Aubrey Baudean DDS today.