The aspects that deserves the greatest emphasis is porcelain veneers’ limited prep procedure. If you have any level of dental anxiety, you’re probably nervous to get into the dental chair. You don’t know whether you’ll experience pain, and you may feel vulnerable having your mouth exposed. If you have sensitive teeth, just baring them to even gentle dental tools can be quite uncomfortable. Porcelain veneers change all of this by getting you in and out of the chair as quickly as possible, with your natural teeth still intact. If you don’t require any veneer prep, you won’t need to wear temporaries between appointments, you won’t need to receive shots of anesthesia, and you will retain your tooth structure – all while beautifying your smile. We think that’s a win-win situation. The porcelain material used to create these veneers is your best aesthetic option. While there are other restorative materials available, none compare to porcelain’s appearance. It is incredibly similar to natural tooth enamel, reflecting light in the same way (by allowing some to pass through its surface but reflecting the rest). The shade of the veneers will also be perfectly matched to your other teeth. Once the veneers are in place, no one will recognize them as anything other than natural teeth. Veneers are incredibly customizable. Dr. Zymantas will work with you to determine exactly what you would like your veneers to look like, and that smile will become a reality. You can choose their shape and shade, and tailor the final result. Dr. Zymantas will also make some slight tweaks to the veneers once they’re bonded in place, ensuring that they look entirely natural and that you’re completely satisfied.

Young women checking out in mirror her teeth after dental procedure