Marrero dentistThe New Orleans area is a vibrant, remarkable place to live. Marrero residents enjoy a slight removal from the city, with all the resources and amenities that the proximity allows. If you’re living in Marrero, you’re a proud member of the community. But are you getting the healthcare that you deserve?

With so many dentists in the area, how can you know which one is right for you? It takes a little time and research to find the Marrero dentist that really wows you. If you’re not completely comfortable with your current dental care provider, then it’s time to look in a new direction. Your dental exams and treatment should be a positive part of your life, not a source of anxiety.

If you’re seeking a change, Dr. Aubrey Baudean would love to show you our office and introduce you to our staff. Schedule an appointment today to see if we’re the right fit.

Your Marrero Dentist on Building Oral Health

Healthy, beautiful teeth are something that you need to focus on over time. You can’t neglect your smile, and then expect it to perk back up after some targeted brushing and flossing. The secret to ongoing care for your grin? Getting excited about superb dental health.

Your smile is the way you communicate with the world. By caring for it from the ground up, you give yourself a chance to really shine. It all starts at home. Make sure that you are

  • Brushing consistently (and correctly)
  • Flossing! (Many of us overlook this, but it’s the only way to remove plaque from certain areas of the gum line)
  • Getting a healthy diet low in sugar
  • Scheduling dental exams every six months (or more often, if you are in a high risk category)

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