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If you struggle to schedule regular dental exams, it might take a little extra motivation to get you into the office. What about learning more about all that exams accomplish? You not only remove plaque from your teeth, but also benefit from early detection of diseases and an opportunity to perk up your home cleaning.

Is it time for your next Harvey teeth cleaning? If it’s been more than six months since you’ve seen the dentist, it’s a good idea to get an appointment on the schedule. Find our location relative to your Harvey home on the map below, then fill out the following form to set up your family’s exams.

6 Surprising Things You Gain From Dental Exams

  • Prevent future health problems – During your exam, your hygienist removes plaque from your teeth before it hardens into tartar, which leads to gingivitis and cavities. But you gain much more than prevention of oral issues – you could actually avoid some systemic health problems by preventing gum disease. And the more often you get into the office, the less likely periodontal disease is to show up.
  • Learn how to improve your oral hygiene – The more effective your brushing and flossing, the less time you have to spend over the sink, and the more likely you are to see a healthy smile in the future. We’ll see which spots you’re missing, and make product recommendations that perfectly suit your needs.
  • Get answers to your oral health questions – Stop feeling uncertain, and get expert advice on exactly how you should be approaching your oral health. A confident patient is a happy patient!
  • Be screened for oral cancer – We’ll screen your tongue, throat, and other oral tissues for early signs of oral cancer. It’s always vital that cancer be found as early as possible, and your dental exam is the ideal opportunity.
  • Strengthen your teeth – If your enamel has weakened, and you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, we’ll offer sealants, bonding, or fluoride treatment to help offer protection and a return to comfort.
  • Brighten your smile – Cleaning and polishing your teeth removes enamel stains and lightens your entire smile as it cleanses.
  • Learn more about cosmetic or restorative treatments – If you don’t love your smile, it’s time to have a conversation about cosmetic or reconstructive treatment. There’s an option that’s right for you – just ask us to learn more.
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