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When raising a child, every day is filled with surprises. Wondering whether your son or daughter’s teeth are on the right track? If you ever have questions about their oral health, just get in touch with our Gretna family dentist. Located just minutes away from your home, Dr. Aubrey Baudean’s practice offers dental care for each of your loved ones.

Whether it’s been a while since you visited the office, or it’s simply time for your next exams, schedule both yours and your child’s today. Your kids will feel more comfortable visiting the dentist alongside you, and you’ll continue to get them the dental care they need to grow strong, healthy teeth that form a happy smile.

Is My Child’s Tooth Development On Track?

As with every individual, personal development can vary. But this infographic will help you monitor general progress, and give your child the care they need every step of the way. Remember: you should start scheduling dental exams by your child’s first birthday. This may seem a little early, but it’s necessary for us to be able to check in on tooth development.

Gretna family dentist

Making Sure Your Kids Grow Healthy Teeth

Contrary to what some might think, the development and maintenance of healthy baby teeth is vital. Although it seems like those teeth aren’t necessary, as they’ll fall out before the permanent teeth erupt, their development guides the growth of the permanent teeth. If they remain cavity-free, your kids have a better chance of healthy, beautiful smiles.

Your kids depend on you for healthy groceries and habits that will help them avoid tooth decay. And the longer you can put off their first cavities, the better – this will help them avoid forming dental anxiety. We all want to feel good in the dentist’s office!

If you have any questions about what you should be providing for your children’s oral health, ask away.

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