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Scheduling regular dental exams is just part of the battle – you can engage with your care to see a boost in health and happiness

 How do you become cavity-free? Even better, how do you actually enjoy the time you spend at the dentist’s office? It’s all possible – and it starts with some minor adjustments to your approach to dental care.

Engaging with your health can be as simple as paying closer attention to your teeth. Read our tips below, and let us know if you have any questions about your own oral health routines and habits. We’re always here to support you!

Building Better Oral Health

  • Get some tooth protection – Your teeth may be strong, but they’re not totally indestructible. If you’d like your enamel to really last, and to fight off decay, make sure you’re giving it the protection you need. Countless adults grind their teeth, and you might be among them. If you’re waking up with tooth, jaw, facial, or head pain, check the bite surfaces of your teeth for flat patches. This is a sign that you’re wearing away your enamel, and would benefit from a mouth guard.
  • Ask questions – We know you want to get in and out of the office as quickly as possible, but you benefit from asking a few questions about your health before you leave. Prior to your next exam, take stock of your mouth. Has anything changed recently? Are you interested in cosmetic work? Are you uncertain about how to clean your teeth the right way? We have the answers.
  • Perfect your oral hygiene – Improving the way you brush and floss your teeth makes your hygiene more efficient, and helps you spend less time over the sink every day. Check out proper flossing and brushing techniques to give yours a boost.
  • Find a dental practice you love – If you’re not happy with your dentist, you’ll put off appointments and allow dental problems to build. Looking for a new dentist? We’d love to welcome you into our community! Just contact us.
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