When was the last time you were happy with the way your breath smelled? If it feels like an uphill battle trying to freshen up, it might be time to look for some outside help. While dragon breath can feel embarrassing, it’s much more common than you might expect.  After all, we all wake up with stinky breath from time to time – and a lot of us experience it moving into the day. But bad breath doesn’t belong in your life. Boost your professional and social relationships, as well as your self-esteem, by cleaning up your mouth.

We’ve put together an infographic that will help our patients win the bad breath battle. Of course, if this is something you’ve been struggling with for some time, it’s always best to check in with your dentist. As you can see below, the cause of your troublesome breath might be a lot more serious than you expect. Don’t procrastinate in tackling the root of the problem – get in touch today.

How to Win Against Persistent Bad Breath



How Can I Tell if My Breath is a Serious Problem?

The short answer is that if it’s negatively affecting your life, it is a serious problem. Even if the underlying cause might not be grave, you’re going to benefit from treating it. Reach out today to schedule an appointment and start feeling like yourself again.

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