Is Coffee Bad for My Teeth?

You may look forward to that morning coffee every day, but is it harmful to your teeth? Coffee seems to be one of those things that the media says is healthy one day and unhealthy the next. Many articles tout the health benefits of coffee, while opposing sources state it is not so good for […]

Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dental Anxiety

If you’re uncomfortable around a dental drill, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is a common issue and can prevent people from keeping up with dental treatment. Unfortunately, delaying regular dental care can mean bigger problems and the need for more extensive procedures down the line. We want all our patients to feel comfortable in the […]

QUIZ: Which Cosmetic Dental Treatment Is Right For You?

You are ready to invest in a more beautiful smile. But there are lots of cosmetic dental treatments to choose from. Which treatment option is right for you? Cosmetic dentistry should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. You still want to look like you. Our treatment options range from simple and quick to extensive, depending on […]

What Exactly Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?

Why is it so important you get your dental checkup twice a year? The truth is, your twice-yearly checkup is a lot more than a simple cleaning. There is often quite a lot more going on at dental checkups than patients realize. You might be surprised to find out all that happens during your regular […]

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

Dental bonding is an easy and affordable option for addressing both structural and cosmetic issues such as chips, cracks, or gaps in your teeth. In order to get the best results, tooth bonding must be maintained, and how long your bonding lasts will depend on how well your care for your teeth after the procedure. […]

How to Help Your Kids Prevent Cavities This Summer

Just about every kid’s favorite season is summer. And what’s not to like? Summer means fresh lemonade, swimming pools, and ice cream trucks galore. Unfortunately, summertime tends to be dangerous for kids’ teeth. Routines are disrupted, meals and snacks might be less healthy, and brushing could be rushed or forgotten altogether. However, there are some […]

Are You Brushing Your Teeth Long Enough?

We all know to always brush our teeth twice a day for healthy teeth and gums. But how long should you be brushing your teeth each time? The length of time you brush can be just as important as how often you brush. Brushing your teeth helps keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. […]

Why Do I Need More Frequent Dental Exams?

There are some unavoidable facts of life – taxes, the first day of school, and dental exams. Your routine exams are incredibly important and help you maintain a healthy smile for life. Some patients also benefit from more frequent dental exams – more than twice a year, which is the ADA’s general recommendation. Just why […]

What’s the Difference Between a Cosmetic Dentist and General Dentist?

There are many different specialties and types of providers within the dental world. Endodontists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists, orthodontists – and cosmetic dentists. Cosmetic dentistry has risen in recent decades, with more dentists branching out in an esthetic direction. But what exactly distinguishes a cosmetic dentist from a general dentist, and which is right for your […]