Marrero general dentistTrying to kick your oral hygiene up to the next level? Sometimes you need a little more than just intent. Learning what you gain from great brushing and flossing will help you become motivated to keep at your home cleaning. And cavities and gum disease aren’t all that you avoid with great hygiene – the ramifications extend to your entire body, and even your emotional health.

Strong, healthy, beautiful teeth will serve you well. And if you treat your teeth right, your smile can stay with you for life. We all want to avoid tooth loss and the accompanying restoration process, so prioritize your grin today to see longevity down the road.

 Diseases with Potential Oral Health Connections

We’re still learning more about the link between gum disease and systemic health. But while the cause of the connection is unclear, research is suggesting a heightened risk of many whole body problems for periodontitis patients. Some of the most pressing include:

 Why Flossing Needs to Happen

Many of us skip the floss, even if our brushing is on point. It feels like an extra step, and may not seem absolutely necessary. But flossing reaches areas of your mouth that your toothbrush can’t access, removing plaque from the areas of the teeth closest to the gum line. This helps avoid the onset of gingivitis, when your gums are irritated by plaque buildup and become inflamed. Flossing will help strengthen your gums and prevent future dental problems. If you’re struggling to get into the habit because your gums are sore or bleeding, keep at it – this will fade within a week or so of consistent flossing.

Emotional Benefits of Healthy Teeth

  • Lowered anxiety – If you’re stressed about visiting the dentist (and if you are, you’re not alone), avoiding dental problems will help you feel better about the office. Every exam won’t lead to fillings to restorative treatment – instead, you’ll just hear good news at your appointments!
  • Personal confidence – Our inner and outer selves are connected, and knowing that you have a disease-free smile you can be proud of helps you feel great about yourself.
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