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Wondering why you get so nervous when there’s a dental exam on the calendar?
We’ll help you calm down!

We know that patient’s aren’t always all smiles when they have dental appointments coming up. Dental anxiety is a common problem that afflicts so many patients (of all ages) – but where exactly is it coming from? Individuals have personal reasons for their dentist-related nerves, but the outcome is the same across the board. When you’re anxious about treatment, you put off visits to the office – and this ends up harming your oral health and your smile.

Our Waggaman dentist will help you uncover the source of your fear, and then put a stop to it. Read on to learn more, and get in touch if you have any questions about how to move forward.

Tracing Back Dental Anxiety

Fear is always complex, and your personal reasons for dental anxiety may not fit into any of these categories. Still, it’s helpful to take an introspective look at what the source of your nerves could be, and think about how to change your perspective.

Some of the most common reasons for dental phobia include:

  • Past negative dental experiences – When you have a procedure that is painful or has a poor outcome, you’re understandably hesitant to get back into the dental chair. Find a great dentist with a compassionate, caring staff and available dental sedation to build new, more positive experiences.
  • Sensitive teeth – Tooth sensitivity can make every step of treatment incredibly uncomfortable. Throughout your procedures, let us know if you’re ever in pain and we will find a more comfortable path forward.
  • Worries about pain – We all hate pain – and Dr. Baudean will help you avoid it entirely. Proper local anesthesia paired with sedation will keep you feeling good in the dental chair.
  • Sensitive gag reflex – When you’re worried about gagging or suffocating, dental care becomes a nightmare. Sedation has proved to be an incredibly useful tool in reducing gag reflex (and overall anxiety).

Hoping to receive dental sedation at your next appointment? Just contact us!

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