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How many months has it been since your last exam? It might be time to check in.

Depending on your age group, current state of oral health, and existing risk factors, there’s a personal recommendation for how often you should be visiting the office. If you’re not sure what might be best for you, check in with your New Orleans dentist to learn more about your own teeth. The better-educated you are about your mouth, the more likely you are to see a cavity-free smile.

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How Often Should I Schedule Dental Exams?

As we mentioned, you’ll need to speak with your dentist to get a precise answer to this question. For the average patient, visiting the office every 6 months is adequate. But there are a few complicating factors that help determine your dentist’s response.

  • Oral health – If you’ve been struggling with cavities or gingivitis, and commonly uncover new problems during exams, you’ll want to visit the office more often. The earlier we catch these issues, the less invasive treatment will be, and you’ll be able to conserve more of your tooth structure.
  • Risk factors – Patients who have experienced gum disease at any point in their lives are more likely to see its return. If you’re a tobacco user, you also stand a greater risk and should schedule more frequent exams.
  • Age – Seniors tend to experience dry mouth as a side effect of medications they’re taking, and also as an effect of aging. This robs your teeth of their cleansing saliva bath and puts them at a greater risk of decay and enamel erosion. Since seniors may also be concerned about tooth loss, visits every 6 months (or more) are a good idea.
  • Systemic health – Conditions including pregnancy and diabetes increase your chances of developing gum disease. Be proactive to keep your mouth healthy!
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