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A smile in the workplace is one of your best assets – make sure yours is on point

Do you know how powerful your teeth really are? Your smile dictates a lot about who you are – whether you sign off on the message or not. If you’re not completely confident in your grin, you’re much less likely to share it with the world. That can lead to others labeling you as unfriendly, antisocial, or less-than-confident. And that’s something that no one deserves.

A New Orleans cosmetic dentist helps patients find their own subtle but defining transformations. If you’re considering cosmetic treatment, we’d love to tell you more about which treatments may be right for your teeth. We’re located just south of New Orleans, across the Mississippi. While there may be a short trip to get from your home to our office, our patients find that worth the effort for the quality of dentistry they receive. Just fill out the form below to learn more and schedule a consultation.

Discover Your Cosmetic Dental Goals

Before beginning cosmetic treatment, you’ll need to spend some time considering what you’re hoping to gain. Taking those moments of reflection will help you make the best decisions, and communicate readily with your dentist. Some of the most important questions get to the root of how you feel about your smile, which then pinpoints whether cosmetic treatment is appropriate, and to what extent.

  • What message does your smile send? It’s hard to be objective about your own appearance, but it’s a good idea to take a look in the mirror and pay attention to what your smile might be saying. If your teeth are stained, worn, or crooked, they may be making you appear older, less capable, and less appealing. We make snap judgments based on each other’s teeth, so it’s key that you take advantage of first impressions.
  • How do your teeth make you feel? Are you comfortable with your smile and the way it looks, or do you shy away from your teeth? Is your smile one of your favorite features, or one that you try to hide?
  • Do you show your teeth readily? If you’re not in love with your teeth, you’re less likely to smile or laugh. This robs you of the charm and charisma that a big smile communicates to those around you.
  • Has your smile changed over time? Our enamel may be strong, but it’s not completely invulnerable. As the years pass, you’ll see unwelcome changes taking place. Cosmetic or restorative treatment is ideal for rebuilding your youthful grin.

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