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Your teeth are an incredibly important tool – and they need to be treated with respect. You make choices every day that impact your teeth, both directly and indirectly. Daily diet is one of the biggest factors in determining your ongoing oral health. Of course, brushing, flossing, and exams are key, but the foods you give to your body help determine whether your teeth stay healthy and strong – both on the inside and outside.

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How to Make Your Diet Tooth-Healthy

Unsure where to begin? Check out this infographic to identify some of the good guys (and the bad guys) who should guide your dietary choices.

Harvey family dentist

Worried about how you’re going to tailor your diet moving forward? Work on making small changes, one day at a time. Identify the aspects of your eating that could benefit the most from a few changes, and decide what you should do to start changing them into tooth-positive habits. For starters, you can think about:

  • Snacking – When you eat a snack, you expose your teeth to bacteria and acids. And since there isn’t as much saliva produced as when you’re eating a meal, those acids aren’t washed away as quickly. Choose non-sugary, non-starchy snacks, and rinse with water immediately afterwards to help clean your teeth.
  • Your drink of choice – We all have a certain drink that we choose to imbibe throughout the day. The healthiest choice is water, and the least healthy soda. If you’re drinking Coke all day long, there are so many other, healthier options to turn to, including seltzer water, tea, and non-citrus juice.
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