How Dental Implants Are Different

Struggling to navigate the restorative dental waters? While many restorations might seem similar, there’s one that stands out from the pack. Dental implants integrate with your jaw bone to form a strong foundation for tooth replacement. Because implants delve deeper than other restorations, they offer independent structures that can attach to dentures, partials, bridges and […]

What to Know Before Botox

Don’t go into Botox blind. If this is your first time considering cosmetic injections, get answers to your questions upfront. You’ll not only feel more comfortable with treatment, but are likely to reduce your anxiety overall. We’ve compiled common Botox questions and corresponding answers below. If you don’t see your question, just get in touch […]

10 Simple Hacks for Healthier Teeth

Trying to break a cavity streak? It can be tricky to stave off decay, especially if you’re not getting to the root of the problem. If you’re drinking acidic beverages nonstop each day, no amount of brushing and flossing is going to make a big difference (and could actually damage enamel that has been softened […]

Root Canal FAQ: What to Expect

A root canal doesn’t have to be unpleasant, or even stressful. And if you learn a little more about treatment specifics, we bet you’ll be surprised by just how comfortable the process can be. Truth is, we’re much more afraid of the unknown, and endodontic therapy tends to fall into that category. How can you […]

What Teeth Whitening Patients Need to Know

You deserve to be an informed patient. The better you understand your dental care, the more engaged you will be and the end result is typically improved oral health. If you’re considering teeth whitening but are unsure about treatment, we’re here to help. You deserve a bright smile that makes you feel confident and in […]

10 Ways Oral Health Changes As We Age

Aging does not mean tooth loss. While dentures may have once felt inevitable, we’ve made incredible strides in dental care, both at home and in the office. With the proper preventive care, you can keep your smile in place for life. But you need the support of the knowledge and tools that will allow you […]

The Ultimate Toothpaste Guide

Feel like your toothpaste has been letting you down? You may not be using the best type for your teeth. But potential paste problems don’t stop there. Effective brushing means a synthesis of the right products and the right techniques. Don’t worry – this is less complicated than it sounds. If you’re ready to take […]

Having a Dental Emergency? Here’s What to Do Next

When you notice a piece missing from a tooth, the first impulse can be total panic. We want to do everything possible to suppress this impulse. By reading up on dental emergencies before one actually takes hold, you’ll be prepared for the worst (although that hopefully won’t be the case). Depending on your dental problem, […]

How to Get Fresh Breath at Home

When was the last time you were happy with the way your breath smelled? If it feels like an uphill battle trying to freshen up, it might be time to look for some outside help. While dragon breath can feel embarrassing, it’s much more common than you might expect.  After all, we all wake up […]

How Cavities Form – And How to Stop Them

How do you make sure tooth decay doesn’t impact your life? By learning its secrets. This is surprisingly simple – cavities are more predictable than you might think. While there are always exceptions, for those with certain conditions that may heighten their risk of decay, the majority of the population can prevent decay on their […]