The Ultimate Toothpaste Guide

Feel like your toothpaste has been letting you down? You may not be using the best type for your teeth. But potential paste problems don’t stop there. Effective brushing means a synthesis of the right products and the right techniques. Don’t worry – this is less complicated than it sounds. If you’re ready to take […]

Having a Dental Emergency? Here’s What to Do Next

When you notice a piece missing from a tooth, the first impulse can be total panic. We want to do everything possible to suppress this impulse. By reading up on dental emergencies before one actually takes hold, you’ll be prepared for the worst (although that hopefully won’t be the case). Depending on your dental problem, […]

How to Get Fresh Breath at Home

When was the last time you were happy with the way your breath smelled? If it feels like an uphill battle trying to freshen up, it might be time to look for some outside help. While dragon breath can feel embarrassing, it’s much more common than you might expect.  After all, we all wake up […]

How Cavities Form – And How to Stop Them

How do you make sure tooth decay doesn’t impact your life? By learning its secrets. This is surprisingly simple – cavities are more predictable than you might think. While there are always exceptions, for those with certain conditions that may heighten their risk of decay, the majority of the population can prevent decay on their […]

The Causes of Dental Anxiety May Surprise You

Your dental anxiety is unique, and caused by a group of historical and personal factors. But research is starting to uncover additional clues to universal fear triggers in the dentist’s office. If you’re uncomfortable around a dental drill, you’re not alone – sights and sounds of dental treatment actually stimulate brain activity in the areas […]

What Happens When You Skip Brushing

What’s growing on your teeth while you sleep? Brush before bed to stop plaque! We’re supposed to brush at least twice a day – but that’s a guideline that sometimes goes unfollowed. If you find yourself skipping brushing, especially at night before bed, it’s time to break the bad habit. We know how tough it […]

How to Look Forward to Your Root Canal

Terrified of endodontic therapy? You’re not alone – the root canal has gained the dubious honor of being one of the most-feared dental treatments. The thing is, we’re not entirely sure how or why this happened. Root canal therapy heals an infected tooth and saves the structure from future damage. But decades of negative media […]

Is Flossing Actually Necessary?

The dental world is abuzz with the news: new national guidelines for oral health don’t include the use of your floss. The Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services released their 2015 dietary guidelines for Americans, and flossing wasn’t included. It’s been included in previous guidelines, so this was a noticeable change that dentists […]