What Happens When You Skip Brushing

What’s growing on your teeth while you sleep? Brush before bed to stop plaque! We’re supposed to brush at least twice a day – but that’s a guideline that sometimes goes unfollowed. If you find yourself skipping brushing, especially at night before bed, it’s time to break the bad habit. We know how tough it […]

How to Look Forward to Your Root Canal

Terrified of endodontic therapy? You’re not alone – the root canal has gained the dubious honor of being one of the most-feared dental treatments. The thing is, we’re not entirely sure how or why this happened. Root canal therapy heals an infected tooth and saves the structure from future damage. But decades of negative media […]

Is Flossing Actually Necessary?

The dental world is abuzz with the news: new national guidelines for oral health don’t include the use of your floss. The Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services released their 2015 dietary guidelines for Americans, and flossing wasn’t included. It’s been included in previous guidelines, so this was a noticeable change that dentists […]

What Your Kids Need from You to Build Strong Teeth

Your kids’ teeth need your help – but do you know exactly what to provide? We’re here to simplify the process and make sure your little ones build beautiful, lifelong smiles. Between getting the right nutrients, scheduling regular dental exams, and learning healthy habits, your children will be able to not only develop strong teeth […]

How Tooth Replacement Changes Lives

Tooth replacement accomplishes a whole lot more than you might realize. Of course, it rebuilds a missing tooth structure – but the benefits are just beginning. Choosing to put a new tooth in place will change the way you approach the world, and the way it responds. You’ll be a more confident version of yourself, […]

Fluoride Treatment for Adults Lowers Decay, Boosts Happiness

A little boost in cavity prevention isn’t just for kids – who doesn’t want some help staying healthy? Dental anxiety isn’t just a kids’ problem. Countless adults hold off on routine treatment that would benefit their oral health because they’re nervous about visiting the office. If you’re scared of the dental drill, improving your cavity […]

5 Things Your Smile May Reveal about Your Life

Our teeth do a great job of getting through daily tasks like speaking, chewing, and smiling. But their roles don’t end with routine activities. The appearance, health, and state of your smile can indicate much larger aspects of your personality and what your life might be like. And when you meet someone new, it’s these […]

Your Most-Asked Teeth Whitening Questions

It’s no surprise that teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. You finish up in one appointment, walk out with a brighter grin, and feel more confident right away. But some patients who are interested in whitening hold back out of concern that it might be painful, dangerous, or not that effective. This […]

Can You Really Have Fresh Breath All Day?

Chewing gum all day to keep your breath fresh? Here are some more effective methods that will get you smelling great We all want nice breath, but that’s largely because the alternative is so unappealing. Bad breath can make coworkers avoid you, friends choose a phone call over an in-person visit, and have a generally […]